Horrible Shoes

If my feet could talk they would be screaming obscenities at me for what I just put them through.  A 30 minute round-trip walk of pain.  I was walking back from a meeting and just about the time I took this picture I was seriously considering taking them off and walking the rest of the way back to my office barefoot.  But it’s hot out and the pavement would have burned my feet (not to mention my co-workers would wonder what I was up to) and I figured blisters would be better than burns?  I might be regretting that decision tomorrow. Who knows.

I’ve had these shoes for at least 5 years and have never experienced anything like this before with them.  In fact, they’re some of my go-tos for comfort so I’m not quite sure what happened.  I guess they will now be relegated to the back of my closet, only to come out to play on days when I’ll be sitting at my desk for long periods of time.  Sad.

They did manage to get me through my walk to the gym where I changed into sneakers and did a pilates reformer class (my abs were on FIRE!) and 25 minutes of intervals on the elliptical.  Note, we had a mini photo shoot session in class today to accompany an awesome guest post I have coming your way all about pilates.  Hopefully I’m building up some good anticipation.  Seriously.  Get excited.

They also got me through a walk to the coffee cart where I got this:

Grande iced Americano with a splash of rice milk

and this:

I love coconut

Luckily the day is almost over and I will definitely not be wearing them when I walk Chance dog tonight or when we’re eating leftover BBQ Chicken Quinoa salad for dinner.   Cardio tomorrow is going to be rough and band-aids for my blisters are definitely in my future.  Stupid shoes.

Do you guys have shoes that look cute but kill your feet?  Any good flat brands you’d recommend? Clearly I’m in the market.



9 thoughts on “Horrible Shoes

    • Hi :) Welcome :) I seriously could not do 5″ heels. I’m 5’7 so that would make me gigantic (not to mention my husband is 5’9 so that would look a little funny hahah). I do need to invest in some cute wedges. Do you have any fave brands? Oh and I could totally live in flip flops :)

      • Haha I get your issue. I am only 5″5″ so adding a little height I am ok with :) I don’t have a certain brand of wedges I like. Wherever I am shopping for clothes I have to check out the shoes too. I few of my fav stores to find good wedges are target and Charlotte russe

  1. I also have some cute red shoes that kill my feet. I just love a cute pair of red shoes, though!

    Can’t wait to read the pilates post :)

  2. Ohh those are so cute too! I swear, sometimes my flats are the ones the give me the most blisters/pain. I have nine west flats (I always get a bunch of pairs from the outlets) and while it takes a few times to break them in, they are the most comfortable after that. I have walked miles in them and been ok!

  3. yay, so glad your blog came up on my bloglovin email today! yay. I love Kind bars. My abs were on fire in Tammy’s class yesterday too! It was a tough one. Although I don’t feel it today, and I taught class last night and did part of the ab series with the class so I’m like, why don’t I feel sore! haha.

    • Yeah, mine were that bad either today but I’m always the most sore the second day. Good ol DOMS. I did a legs workout tuesday and I feel like I need a wheel chair or something today. My hamstrings on so tight! Have fun with the Olympic trials today!

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