Country Music + online workout ideas

I’m currently camping right now.  Probably soaking wet and huddling under a canopy but I’m with great people so I’m sure I’ll come back with great stories.  In the meantime, wanted to pass along a couple of things – workout ideas to try, and country music.  You could easily say these are some of my favorite things :)  I mean if I could get a butt-kicking workout in and then go to a country concert I’d be set.  There is just something about a great country song that can change your life (in case you didn’t know, my whole love story with Chris is more or less built around country music – first concert, proposal idea, 1st dance, wedding tables…).

Workouts from around the web:

Current country music faves:

There are some great country songs out right now that get me super excited every time they come on the radio.  Here are just a few of my current faves.  FYI not all of these are the real music videos.  I think a few still aren’t out yet?  Or I suck at You tube.

Pontoon – Little Big Town. I have been really excited about this song since we rented a pontoon boat for our camping trip. I’ll let you know how that goes. You know, with the rain forecast and all.

Cruise – Florida Georgia Line.  Um, I seriously want to be somewhere on a back road with the sun streaming through my sunroof and warm air blowing through the windows.

Somethin’ bout a truck – Kip Moore.  Somethin’ bout a girl in a red sundress, with an ice-cold beer, pressed against her lips…I would like to be that girl.  Just saying.

Hey Pretty Girl – Kip Moore.  This was our friend’s 1st dance at their wedding and I fell in love with this song.  If we ever have a daughter I want to put these lyrics up on her wall.  This might actually be going into my top songs of all time list.

El Cerrito Place – Kenny Chesney. Not so much a song about summer but such a good song from his new album.

Wanted – Hunter Hayes. Tears actually welled up in my eyes the 1st time I heard this song.  You can just feel the emotion.

Hope you’re having a good Saturday.  Do you have any country songs or workout ideas to share?


2 thoughts on “Country Music + online workout ideas

  1. I like Cassie’s pilates videos! I actually found her on youtube. I totally steal her moves for my Mat class! PS Due to rain we are stuck indoors in the tiny fitness center:( hope you aren’t getting too soaked camping!

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