Rain is a good thing

That was what I woke up to Saturday morning. In case you can’t figure it out, that’s rain. Pouring down onto our tent. And that’s the same type of rain that greeted us upon our arrival at the campsite and the type of weather we had to deal with when setting up our tent. Not going to lie…there were some early moments when we all looked at each other and seriously considered packing up and heading into Bend to “camp” on a friend’s couch. But we waited it out and thank goodness we did because eventually the rain let up and it ended up being a great weekend.

We camped at Lake Billy Chinook which is in Central Oregon near Madras which is about 2 hours from Portland and 45 minutes from Bend. While we go to Bend all the time (one of our favorite places), we’d never been to this spot. We were able to get out on the pontoon boat Saturday and check out the lake which, minus a little rain at the beginning of the boat ride, was awesome. The rest of the weekend was spent hanging at the campsite around a campfire with great friends. Life just doesn’t get much better :)

When we got home this afternoon I meal-planned out our week and ran to the store for groceries before somehow getting a crazy burst of energy and experimenting in the kitchen (which I’ll tell you about later). After that I made this dinner. So good. And now I’m off to bed. Camping can really wear a girl out :)

Who else out there loves (or hates) camping? I think sometimes I forget that we’re a little spoiled here with so many places to camp in the Northwest. It’s seriously one of my favorite summertime activities.

I love this man



8 thoughts on “Rain is a good thing

  1. Camping in the northwest looks gorgeous! I love camping (my fiance isn’t really a fan. Actually he hasn’t ever really been so I think he assumes he wouldn’t like it but I am planning on changing that :) )

    • I bet once you go a couple times you’ll change his mind. I have a friend who hated (or thought he hated) camping but now he’s gone a few times and loves it. There’s just something about getting back to nature (and seeing stars in a wide open sky) that can make you fall in love with the outdoors.

  2. I just moved to Bend about year ago and I am working on becoming more outdoorsy ( originally from Boston). My hubby and I will definitely have to check this place out for camping. BTW- love reading your blog!

    • Oh my gosh. I am so jealous! Bend is my favorite place ever!!! My husband and I are always dreaming about ways we could move their (too bad we have to work at jobs hahah). I have a bunch of friends who live there and we go over all the time. If you ever have questions let me know. My all time fave thing to do is float the river in old mill. Ahhh dreaming about it right now :)

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