A great day

Do you ever have one of those days where at the end of it you look back and think, “man that was perfect.” Well, that was my yesterday :) Just plain perfection.

And the best part? There wasn’t some amazing event or expensive excursion. Nope. Just me, Chris, his parents, our friends and some amazing weather.

Here’s how it went down:
Chris and I got up and went for runs. He ran 6 miles while I ran 5. The scenery was perfect…mountains, rivers, blue skies. I wish I could do that run everyday. But I’ll have to settle for once more before we head home. After that I headed to the pool and got into a new book (Night Circus) before meeting up with friends at 1.

Randi and Billy are some of our best friends. I grew up with Randi and Chris grew up with Billy (and his family). We introduced Randi and Billy a few years ago when we convinced Randi to come down to Bend for a visit (she was living in Seattle at the time). Fast forward a few years and they’re happily married, living in Bend.

We packed up all our floats and headed to the Deschutes for a few hours of river floating fun. Amazing. That’s all I can say. Words just really can’t describe it. After the float we headed on to Bend for dinner at 10 Barrel. Yum. And after that we went back to Randi/Billy’s to watch some Olympics. And then we went home.

Such a good day. I wish every day of my life could be spent like that. Pure perfection.





Sun River + the best smoothie ever

Hola! Happy Saturday morning to you :) Today is an extra good one for me since I’m hanging out in Sun River for the next few days. For those of you not familiar, Sun River is near Bend in Central Oregon and just so happens to be one of my favorite places ever. I just love the dry, sunny, dessert like climate. And everything smells deliciously of pine trees. Glorious.



We’re here with my in-laws to celebrate my Father-in-law’s birthday on Tuesday and to just relax for the rest of the days. We got in last night (ps Chris and I both got up at 5am to make sure we got our workouts in. He ran, I rode the bike before we dropped Chance of for boarding…go us) walked down to the Village for dinner where I was good and ordered a chicken salad instead of a pulled pork sandwich and sweet potato fries and drank water while everyone else had beer. However I promptly ruined my good day of eating when we got home and discovered that a previous renter had left a big bowl of Reese’s PB cups in the cupboard. Whoops. Let’s not talk about how many I ate. Or the cookie I had after that or the glass of wine…(but in my defense I kept it to 1 only).


But today’s a new day and a fresh start to eating. We brought our Magic Bullet so we could make smoothies and I whipped up a blueberry, banana, peanut butter concoction. Which was good but nothing like the one I made yesterday. It may have been my best smoothie EVER! You have to try it and tell me what you think.


And now we’re off to check out a couple properties for sale (perfect world has us owning a vacation home here), followed by some pool time, bike rides and my honey dijon chicken and quinoa for dinner.

Hope you have a great day. Question for you – What’s your favorite place to vacation close to home?

A diet bet, a thank you, a summer run & a needle in my knee

Wow, I feel like I have a lot to talk about right now.  First of all, thank you to all of you who said such kind and encouraging words after my post about my weight loss goals.  It’s really comforting to know that there are other people out there like me who are dealing with those stubborn summer creeper pounds haha.  And a lot of you also mentioned wanting to shed some pounds along with me so I think I’ve figured out a way.  Not sure if you’ve ever heard of Diet Bet?  I actually just saw it on someone’s Twitter today and headed over to check it out.

So basically if you want in, you sign up using this link and you’ll enter into my “bet” which is that I/we can lose 4% of my body weight in 4 weeks.  It’s $10 to sign up and at the end of 4 weeks whoever meets the goal splits the money. This is a link to the FAQs and this is a link to the rules of the game (which I love because it clearly calls out that doing anything unhealthy like not eating or purging is not allowed).  I’m staring the bet on August 1st (you take pics of yourself on scales and send them in for verification) so you have a couple of days to think about it.  I’d love more people to join in – I mean, we all want to lose weight anyway right?  So why not earn some money out of the deal :) And PS I was not paid or sponsored in any way to write this.  All me here :)

And since we’re talking diets, I want to let you know that I have gone 3 days without alcohol, chips or sweets.  In fact, I’d say I’ve had some pretty solid days of eating – no mindless snacks, no extra portions etc.  No weight loss but I feel pretty good.  I also went for my 1st lunchtime summer run.  As you all know my knees suck and I probably shouldn’t be running on them but it was so NICE out as I was walking to the gym, it was like the pavement was just calling out to me.  So I ran.  For 4.11 miles and while my knees weren’t awesome, they weren’t crazy painful either so I’d say it was an overall success.  And my pace was under 9 minutes (1 second under to be exact) which is great.  We’re heading to Sun River tomorrow and I’m really hoping I can get a couple runs in.  Please keep it together knees :)

To help prep my knees for Sun River I took a trip after work to see one of my favorite ladies…my acupuncturist! I hadn’t been to see her in a while and it was so nice to get back.  She worked on my two problem areas, my left hip socket area (on the back side – basically my left glute) and under my right knee cap.  It was amazing, in fact, it felt so good I totally fell asleep for a couple of minutes. I swear I could have laid there for hours with needles all over the place.  If you have a chronic injury (or any injury) I would recommend acupuncture.  For a long time it freaked me out but it doesn’t hurt.  More like some pressure on the spot where they’re poking the needle in and then this kind of release.  You can read a little bit more here (this is where I go). And it doesn’t even leave marks.  This is my knee directly post session – betcha can’t find where the needles went in.

When I got home Chris whipped up some ground turkey which he made into a burrito while I added mine to some spinach and ate it bowl-style, adding in refried beans, corn, cheese and sour cream (in real life it did not seem like this much sour cream but pictures don’t lie).  Yum.

And there you go.  That’s what I have for you all. Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and an awesome weekend!

Who’s joining my Diet Bet?
Who’s tried acupuncture?
Who went running today?

7 pounds

I have a confession.  I have gained 7 pounds since January.

And for a while I tried to brush it off as water weight, too much salt, that time of the month…but it’s time to face the music.  These 7 pounds are not going away on their own.  I’m chalking it up largely to Journey’s where in January I joined the mug club.  Coincidence?  I think not.  In hindsight, joining a club where I regularly get 20oz drinks was probably not the healthiest choice to make.  I don’t even drink 20oz coffees hahah.  Beyond Journey’s I’d say I’ve been enjoying a few more desserts than necessary – I mean, 1 cookie is ok but 5?  Or how about the night I ate a pint of Ben & Jerry’s?  Yes, you read that right, a PINT!

And normally this time of the year I’d be like Chris, training for Hood to Coast, and would be running my butt off so the extra calories wouldn’t be that much of an issue.  But I’m not training for HTC and my cardio has been nowhere near as intense as it normally is this time of the year.  So you add it all up and 7 pounds doesn’t no seem like a shocker.  Actually I kind of feel lucky it’s only that much.

So what am I going to do about it?  Lose it.  That’s what.  By cutting out cookies/brownies/cake/ice cream and any other sort of dessert.  I’m also giving up chips and crackers.  Those are my downfall.  I can polish off a bag of chips like you wouldn’t believe.  And alcohol.  No more ciders.  Period.  And as of August 1st no more beer (I’m going to Sun River next week and will be going to some of the best breweries around, I’m being realistic).  I’m still on the fence about wine.  I don’t love it like I love beer and cider so it’s not as much as a trigger point for me.  For now I’m just going to say I’ll cut back.  I’ll reevaluate in a few weeks and see where I’m at.

My 2 year anniversary is September 11th and I had big plans to weigh the same then as I did on my wedding date but at this point, that doesn’t seem super realistic but we’ll see.  It’s always good to have a goal.

So what did I do today towards that goal?  I ran a super-slow 4.5 miles and did not eat the chips in the cupboard after I got home from work when I really wanted them.  And I had this delicious dinner.

Anyone else want to join me in my renewed focus on food?  I’m always up for buddies to help keep my accountable :) 



Chest + Tri + Broken Bikes

Today, for my warm-up, I walked to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Or so says the step mill…I followed that up with some chest and tricep work that looked a little like this.

I finished the whole thing off with 15 minutes on the rowing machine plus some solid foam rolling and I thought I was done with my workout for the day but that changed when I got home and realized I used the red pepper meant for tonight’s dinner (jambalaya) last night.  Whoops. So we called an audible and decided to ride our bikes down to Laughing Planet for a burrito.  I thought we were heading straight home but Chris wanted to ride around which normally I’d have been all for but I just wasn’t mentally prepped for it.  I didn’t have the right clothes…or right mindset.

I felt like I was being a major complainer the whole time and I only got worse when the gears on my bike started acting up.  Like I could shift them but then they’d drop out.  This was fine when we were flat or downhill but sucked big time when we were peddling up Vermont.  Definitely got my workout that’s for sure.  Eventually (after I about had a breakdown in the middle of Multnomah Village) we switched bikes.  And of course, Chris had no problem with my bike for the rest of the ride.  Go figure.  But even though I was a whiny baby I’m glad I did it. I will never regret a workout :)

And now we’re back here and I’m re-hydrating.  After that, I’m going to go ice my knees and make some popcorn.  Wild times here I tell you.

There are only a few days left in the month – are you still drinking your water to make sure you #hydrateinjuly?

And I’m back

Earlier today we got home from an awesome weekend.  I mean, we’re talking like one of the highlights of my summer :)  We headed up to my hometown of Olympia, WA Friday night and hung out with my mom, grandma, uncle and brother and then Saturday headed North on HWY 101 to DaBob bay which is in the northern part of Hood Canal, about 30ish minutes from Hoodsport.  It was beautiful.  We were out there with Chris’ family and I had a blast.

Here is a glimpse into my weekend…


DaBob Bay (more pics to come later in the week)

Sunday Prep –

I mixed up a big bowl of chicken salad – boiled & shredded chicken, 1 can each of black beans and corn, 2 roasted sweet potatoes, leftover salsa and 2-3 oz of goat cheese.

And I slow jogged for 45 minutes on our new to us treadmill.  Our friend Mindy moved downtown and needed to get rid of stuff out of her garage and we lucked out and got her treadmill.  It’s awesome.  On the older end of things but great for some easy jogs.  I’ve been on it twice and love it.  I love the bike but I will always be a treadmill gal.

And now I’m out to watch Newsroom.  Have you seen it yet?


DaBob bay

Hi! I’m still around but I’m hanging out in paradise right now. Also known as DaBob Bay near the Hood Canal in Washington state. It’s only about an hour and a half from where I grew up but I had no idea this place existed. Chris’ aunt and uncle have a yurt up here and it’s awesome. We’re just about to have a salmon dinner after we stuffed our faces full of fresh crab we pulled out of the bay ourselves this afternoon.

More pics to come but here is my current view. Hope you’re all having great weekends :)


Angie is a superwoman

So imagine that you’re a 1st time mom. You deliver a healthy baby girl on Sunday afternoon and head home from the hospital Tuesday. Things are good. Your friends come over to meet the baby, your mom’s in town…so when your husband asks to take a little break (after doing a great job supporting you in the delivery/hospital) and go play a game of softball you think, no big deal. He’ll be gone a few hours and my mom will probably be more helpful than he would be anyway.

But then you get a call around 10 that night that your husband had an accident during the game and broke his leg. Badly. In two places. And can’t put any weight on it for 6-8 weeks.

How would you handle it? How would you react if you found out you all the sudden had to be a new mom and a nurse? Well tonight Chris & I brought over Chipotle and got to spend the evening with Angie, Bryan and adorable little Presley and find out how Angie has been keeping her family together this past week. And let me tell you I’m amazed.


I don’t think I can adequately put into words how amazing this woman is. How strong she is. Take the 1st few nights where she’d take Presley upstairs for the night but bring her downstairs for her feedings so that she could help Bryan off the couch and into the bathroom. Or how about the fact that all day long she has to constantly watch the clock…is it time for Presley to eat? For Bryan to take his meds? And even just being pulled together enough for day to day errands like the grocery store which she said going to made her feel human.

I’m sure we’d all rise to the challenge if faced with something like this but Angie is passing with flying colors. I am so proud of her :) I’m also happy that Chris and I had the chance to help out with dinner and hopefully anything else that arises.

I could haver seriously taken her home with me. Just look at her. Wouldn’t you?





I just love her :)

Eat and Repeat

I had an 8:30 start time for my all-day training session.  And unlike some meetings where an 8:30 meeting means you can scoot in a few minutes late, this was a training session with a big group of people and I did not want to be the last person in the door so I flew through my morning workout and then threw my gross, sweaty hair up in a headband.  I put some makeup on so I at least thought I looked presentable….

Pre-gym I had this:

Blackberry Peanut Butter Protein Shake

  • 1 cup frozen blackberries
  • 1.5 cups almond milk
  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 2 tablespoons PB2
  • 2 cups spinach

And my workout looked like this.  3 sets/12 reps and a challenging weight for everything.

My lunch looked like this – a cobb/greek salad situation with some sort of poppy-seed vinaigrette.  This is my all-time favorite catered work lunch which actually makes me nervous.  Some of the catering choices are gross (Chinese surprise being numero uno) so I’m worried about what I’ll end up with tomorrow and Thursday.

I walked Chance after work for a little more cardio and then repeated last night’s Chicken/veggie/peanut noodles with a few modifications.  I don’t think I called this out yesterday but I tossed the chicken with garlic and red pepper flakes before adding them in the wok and this time subbed in a chopped red pepper instead of broccoli.  I had half the sauce from last night but bulked it up with 2 tablespoons of PB2 and some water to thin things out.

Amazing.  I think it was better than last night, both Chris and I were dying for more!  This is definitely going into our rotation.  So good.  Can’t wait until we have it again :)

Do you guys have any meals that you feel are part of your standard dinner rotation?  Like ones you can always turn to if you’re out of ideas?  Share them and feel free to post links to any recipes. 

Happy Wednesday, here’s a little mid-week motivation to keep you going.