Day off?


I love days off. Especially ones that are sunny.



I took today and Friday off for no real reason other than I have a ton of pto saved up, and the weather forecast calls for sun for the next 10 days.

This morning, the 1st thing I did was drink 32oz of water to make sure I #hydrateinjuly. I found it easier to chug it all down using a straw although apparently it was loud because Chris sat up in bed and started looking around the room because he thought Chance was throwing up…I guess my gulps sound like dog pukes? Hahah


After that, I leisurely got up, cleaned the kitchen from yesterday’s BBQ, made myself a watermelon/spinach/pb smoothie with a side of eggs and now I’m chilling outside with Chance enjoying my coffee.


We have no real plans which I love and I think that means I’ll be camped out in the yard all day with a book. Glorious. We talked about going to the rodeo tonight but we’ve got a pretty busy weekend coming up and might go to a movie instead, just to keep things low key.

Speaking of low key, that’s how we spent our 4th and it was perfect. Both Chris and I got up and went for runs before cleaning the house (me) and prepping the backyard (him).


Thanks to the mid- week date most of our friends had to work the next day plus we’re getting old :) I think the crazy firework lighting days are behind us because aside from one small burst of light through our neighbor’s tree I didn’t see one firework (although I heard a million).

Instead, we grilled burgers (beef and turkey) and dogs (turkey and cheddar beef) and friends brought over beans, chips, strawberry & pasta salads, deviled eggs, cupcakes, a patriotic (delicious) fruit tart and s’mores supplies. And I had bites of everything.


We ended the night around the campfire, listening to country music and roasting S’mores which was the perfect ending to a great day :)




And now we’re back to today. I’m about to go grab my 2nd cup of coffee, some sunscreen and a book. Not sure where the rest of the day will take me or if it will involve a workout before whatever evening activity commences. Not going to lie… I’m feeling a little gross from all the food I ate yesterday but I’m not about to beat myself up over it. We all need a day off now and then, right?

What about you guys? Are you working today? Who had fun 4th of July stories to share? And most importantly, are you drinking your water?


9 thoughts on “Day off?

  1. I sure am drinking water like crazy! And yet my body’s constantly asking for more! I’m getting a bit annoyed bc I’m having to go to the bathroom every 30 min! Not cool!
    And I can empathize with your dog..I.want.some.s’!

    • I hear you on the bathroom thing. I feel like I have to pee every 5 minutes. Although by the end of the day it was better. Maybe my body finally got used to all that extra H20.

  2. I am not doing good with this challenge :( Today’s a new day, though, and I’m going to try my best! That is hilarious about your husband waking up when you were chugging water!

    Wish I was off work today. Crazy busy day yesterday, and I am tired today after not sleeping well. TGIF!

    • I think this challenge is a “take it one day at a time” kind of thing. I did great yesterday but so far haven’t had one sip of water. Looks like I’ll be drinking a lot this afternoon. Hope you got a better night’s sleep tonight. Happy Friday :)

      • Yes definitely! One of my friends is also doing the challenge since I posted a link to it from my blog. She texted me last night and said she hadn’t ever gone to the bathroom that much! Haha

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