Hot Dog

Someone is hot.

And he’s kind of been driving my crazy since we got home.  It was about 90 F so it was too hot to walk him after work which made him extra wild (this dog knows when it’s time for his walk and for food) and he ended up running around through the house/deck…panting around.  He just finally settled down.  I mean, who can blame him?  I certainly wouldn’t want to be wearing a fur coat in weather like this.

And because it was this hot out you would think I would have been extra good about staying hydrated?  Um no.  I did good and drank 32 oz of water first thing when I woke up but that was it.  No more water until around 2 which is not normal for me.  I always drink another big jar before I work out but work was so crazy this morning that it didn’t happen.  And I paid for it.  I was so thirsty when I got done with cardio that I wanted to drink the water in my shower.  Gross.  Not my finest moment.  But in case you were wondering, I made up for it and so far I’ve had at least 150 oz today!

Remember, it’s not too late to join the #hydrateinjuly challenge.  Read about it here.

For dinner, we had one of my favorite summer dishes – Strawberry salad with Cajun chicken with lettuce from our yard.  So good!

Oh and jumping back to my workout…I’m already sore.  Not sure if it’s because it was my 1st time in a gym since last Tuesday or it pilates was just extra hard… After an hour on the reformer I decided to get a little sweaty and did 25 minutes on the elliptical, primarily at resistance level 10.  The I jumped onto the treadmill and walked for 20 minutes.  4.0 speed and starting at incline 5, increased the incline by 1 until I got to incline 15 and then gradually dropped back down.

Tomorrow is going to be a bike in the morning kind of day and leftover-from-4th-of-July burgers kind of night.  I think we’re going to hit up a movie after that to beat the heat.  I believe we’ll be seeing Ted.  Has anyone else seen it?

Oh and a couple of Monday tidbits to pass along…

  • Head over to Healthy Living Blogs and read their Monday announcements.  Lots of good challenges & contests going on.
  • There’s an article on about 15 incredible bodies you must see.  I went to college with #15. Go Rachel! Talk about some motivation to get your booty to the gym :)
  • And last but not least, scientists have created a healthy pizza that you could eat 3 times a day.  Um, sign me up.

Hope you all had a great start to your week.  Anyone taking their workouts outside?





2 thoughts on “Hot Dog

  1. Lucky you that you got to do 45 min of cardio after Pilates! I am usually so tired after Pilates, so I’ll do 20 min before. My lats are sore today from the bar work we did!

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