Tuesday Movie Night

Do you ever have one of those days that just fly by? As in all the sudden you look at the clock and it’s 5:30? Well that was my day today. It all just flew by in a huge blur. I knew it was going to be crazy so I got up and rode the spin bike for 44 minutes (why I just didn’t go to 45 I can’t say…). 30 of those minutes were spent at a challenging but steady resistance so I could do a little more reading. The last 14 minutes I moved up and down in the saddle for intervals.

You’ll be happy to know I finished all 50 Shades over the weekend and have moved on to The Island which is turning out to be a good ol’ fashioned beach read.


Dinner was a quick burger, beans and strawberry salad and now we’re currently at the movie theatre. Chris also has had crazy work days so we decided to take a break and spend some “Us” time…watching Ted? Well maybe not the most romantic night but hopefully we get some laughs out of it.

Who out there has seen Ted? Thoughts? Any other good movie recommendations? Magic Mike?

I got to thinking as we pulled into Bridgeport village…the parking lots were packed and it’s Tuesday! I feel like I’m being super judgmental but this is why we have an obesity epidemic. I mean, I get that some people are here to shop and some to watch movies (although we’re currently the only people in the theater) but for the most part they’re here to eat. And as we walked by one particularly packed place I leaned over and told Chris that all these people really should be eating at home. Not only will they save money but I’m sure they could cook up some healthier concoctions than whatever they eat at California Pizza Kitchen.

And don’t even get me started on the movies. The people in line in front of us walked away with a huge bag of popcorn and I had to bite my tongue because I really wanted to tell the lady, “excuse me, do you know how much fat, calories and chemicals you’re about to consume?” And don’t even get me started on portion sizes. This is Chris’ large soda. Ridiculous.


Anyway, enough of my rant. Our movie’s about to start. What do you think? Am I totally off my rocker?

Update…Ted was the worse movie I’ve ever seen. Do not go see it.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Movie Night

  1. I tell my husband all of the time that I think we are the only people that cook and eat at home these days. On any weeknight all of the restaurants in our town are packed! I just don’t get it!

    I was wondering about Ted. Thanks for the warning ;)

  2. I went to the movies last night too! I saw Magic Mike with my best friend. We both agreed it would have been better if we hadn’t hated the lead female! You should see it. And instead of buying anything there I decided to sneak in my tumbler full of water and got 24 oz down during the movie :)

    • Yeah, I feel like I need to at least give it a shot although from what I’ve seen from the trailer the plot looks a little suspect haha. Nice work sneaking your water in. I wish I’d had some so I could have had that instead of stealing slurps off Chris’ soda.

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