Mid-Week Check-in + the search for Vaporizer

Before we get into this post, can I just say I’m currently watching a show on the Food Network – Best sandwich in America – and they’re in Portland and talking about a roast beef sandwich with bacon, onions, a cheddar béchamel sauce, and like 2 lbs of french fries on it.  Totally gross but I secretly want to try a bite.  

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming. Hopefully the 1st half of your week has treated you well.  Work has been crazy but in a good way.  I’d always pick being super busy over not having enough to do and my wish has definitely been granted.  Because busy days make me plan my workouts more carefully I got up this morning and did 45 minutes of cardio before work. Nothing I did made me feel like I was working up a sweat so I kept moving around – 15 minutes on the rowing machine, 20 minutes on the gazelle/glider thing and 10 minutes on the stairmaster/step mill.

I love the step mill.  It’s probably my favorite form of cardio besides running but it’s horrible for my knees so I don’t do it that much.  Except today when I noticed there were brand new step mill machines.  I felt like I’d died and gone to heaven.  They were so lovely!  So I did 10 minutes and while my knees are a little more sore than normal right now, after 10 minutes on that thing (resistance level 7-10 with no hands on the machine) I was sweating like crazy.

I headed back to the gym at noon for a pilates reformer class and was a little surprised to see it was jumpboard day.  Imagine a regular pilates reformer class on steriods.  I’m usually pretty tough but there was one point where we were laying on our sides jumping on one leg where I thought I might break.  Made it though :)

For dinner I was going to make shrimp tacos but it was so nice out we called an audible and headed down to Northwest where we stopped in at Pepino’s and I had one of my favorite burritos – sweet tequila with shrimp.  Not entirely sure what’s in it – black beans, cheese, rice, shrimp and a sweet sauce of some sort.  So good.

And then we wandered down the street in search of some Vaporizer (Chris’ favorite beer) on draft and we found some at 23Hoyt (a new to us restaurant.

We made sure to #hydrateinjuly

I ordered a glass of Pinot Gris.

And Chris of course had the elusive Vaporizer.

After that we headed down to 21st to meet some friends at North 45 and then we realized we’re old.  Even though some of our “our-age” friends were there I felt like the rest of the place was full of young, single kids.  No thanks.  Been there/done that.  Give me my Village or better yet, my house which is where we hightailed it to after about 5 minutes in the crowded bar.

What can I say?  I like being a domesticated married lady.

And now I’m off to ice my knees and sweat in our non-air conditioned house.  Tomorrow is another crazy day so I’m going to try to get up at 5 for some quality time with the spin bike.

Hope you all have good Thursdays…just think, you’re only 1 day away from Friday :)

Question for your – do you have a favorite beer/wine/drink that you seek out?  We’re always on the hunt for good beers for Chris and good Margaritas for me. 



5 thoughts on “Mid-Week Check-in + the search for Vaporizer

  1. I like 23 Hoyt–they have a good dinner and brunch! And a pretty good hh too but probably not too healthy. I like margs too, and I like finding a good Mojito but it’s always hit or miss! Bummed I missed Jumpboards! I was sick Tuesday & Wednesday but feeling better now and ready to work out again.

  2. Allan always enjoys trying different beers wherever we go so he would have been excited to try the Vaporizer.

    I love that you called it a gazelle/glider because I always saw that machine makes people look like gazelles!

  3. Came across you via Eat Yourself Skinny and I’ve read 1 post of yours and I already I know I’ll be back! :-)

    I can totally relate to loving be home. Being married. Being domesticated. And not in a bar with “kids”. We’re officially old!

    Looking forward to reading more!

    • Yay, glad you stopped by. Funny “getting old” story…me, Chris and a couple of our friends floated a local river today and the entire time we were out there, we maybe saw 5 people older than us. We’re only in our 30’s but clearly we were the old people hahah.

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