Marathon Days

Phew, my last couple days have been kind of a whirlwind.  Let’s start with Thursday which looked a little like this:

  • 5:30-6:30 AM: Spin Bike Cardio
  • 8-2PM: Work.  With back-to-back meetings
  • 2:15 – 6:15 drive to Seattle.  Now for those of you not familiar with the Pacific NW this drive should not take 4 hours.  3 hours is the average time it takes but we got stuck in horrible traffic.
  • 6:30 – Meet up with my dad at my parents house. Pile in the car with him, Chris and my aunt. Freak out momentarily when their dog escapes and runs down the street.  Have to get to the play so decide to leave him and hope he comes home.
  • 7-7:45 – watch my adorable, beautiful, growing up too fast little sister star as Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty.

  • 7:45 – 8 – head back to my parents house, find the dog, put him back in the house.
  • 8-9:30 – Dinner at Elliot Bay Brewery

  • 10PM – say goodbye to my dad and sister.  Wish I could stay longer but alas work calls.
  • 10-1AM – drive back to Seattle (Chris drove, he’s a saint).
  • 1:30 – 6:30 – Slept
  • Get to work in time for my 8AM meeting.

The trip was crazy fast but I’m so glad I went.  I love my little sister.  Like I don’t even know if words could even describe it.  I grew up with my brother (who I also love) but Payton came along and changed the dynamic of my family.  Not only was she the sister I always wanted but she really helped heal some troubled relationship stuff that had been going on. I’ll always remember the day I got the email from my dad telling me my step-mom was pregnant :)  And because we’re 19 years apart and she lives 3 hours away from me it’s super important for me to still be a part of her life as much as I can and when she got the lead in Sleeping Beauty there was no question that we were going to get up to see it.  No matter what kind of scheduling/commitments we’d have to shift around.

Payton is quite the performer.  Check out her Facebook and YouTube channel if you want more proof.  My sister has talent and this was actually the 1st real life performance I got to see since her talent has become really obvious.  I was shocked at the girl I saw on stage.  My little sister is fading fast and getting replaced with a beautiful, teenager and I can’t wait for all the big things that are going to come up in the future.

And now back to my life…Friday flew by at work and then we went out to celebrate our friend Andy’s birthday.  Andy and Sunny are heading to Amsterdam in a few weeks so this was one of the last times we’ll get to hang out with them until they come back in January.  I’m going to miss them but they are heading off onto a super cool adventure and I know they’re going to have an amazing time.  Plus, word on the street is that I’ll be heading to Amsterdam for work in August so hopefully we’ll get to connect.

And of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without a nightcap at Journey’s.

Today we slept in and enjoyed a lazy morning with breakfast and coffee and then at around noon we met up with some friends and floated the Clackamas river.  I’ve lived here for 8 years and this is the 1st time I’ve ever floated that river.  It was awesome!  Such a perfect day.  The river has a couple little rapids but for the most part is just a couple hours of smooth sailing with great people.  Floating the Clackamas has always been on my Portland bucket list and I’m so glad I can finally cross it off.  Plus now that we know how fun and easy it is to do I’m sure there will be many more trips in our future.

And now we’re home, having Papa Murphy’s for dinner and enjoying a rare night in.

What about you guys?  What’s one thing on your summer bucket list?


5 thoughts on “Marathon Days

  1. Oh my goodness, Whit! I feel like we really are meant to meet. I went to high school with Andy. We were in the same graduating class and I saw him that night for the first time since our ten year reunion. On an even crazier note, where I ran into Andy was at Nuestra Cocina and we were definitely sitting at the table right next to you guys. I didn’t figure that out until he was leaving, This is so crazy! And I adore how much you are making an effort to stay in touch with your sister. You are a great older sister. :)

  2. I have lived here for 26 years and never floated the clackamas! I don’t even know how. Where do you go, what do you need? haha! I would love to tag along next time you do it!

    • Google Barton Park. It’s off Hwy 224. There are two floats, a long and short. We did the short which took about 3 hours. I’ll let you know the next time we go. Come!

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