Angie is a superwoman

So imagine that you’re a 1st time mom. You deliver a healthy baby girl on Sunday afternoon and head home from the hospital Tuesday. Things are good. Your friends come over to meet the baby, your mom’s in town…so when your husband asks to take a little break (after doing a great job supporting you in the delivery/hospital) and go play a game of softball you think, no big deal. He’ll be gone a few hours and my mom will probably be more helpful than he would be anyway.

But then you get a call around 10 that night that your husband had an accident during the game and broke his leg. Badly. In two places. And can’t put any weight on it for 6-8 weeks.

How would you handle it? How would you react if you found out you all the sudden had to be a new mom and a nurse? Well tonight Chris & I brought over Chipotle and got to spend the evening with Angie, Bryan and adorable little Presley and find out how Angie has been keeping her family together this past week. And let me tell you I’m amazed.


I don’t think I can adequately put into words how amazing this woman is. How strong she is. Take the 1st few nights where she’d take Presley upstairs for the night but bring her downstairs for her feedings so that she could help Bryan off the couch and into the bathroom. Or how about the fact that all day long she has to constantly watch the clock…is it time for Presley to eat? For Bryan to take his meds? And even just being pulled together enough for day to day errands like the grocery store which she said going to made her feel human.

I’m sure we’d all rise to the challenge if faced with something like this but Angie is passing with flying colors. I am so proud of her :) I’m also happy that Chris and I had the chance to help out with dinner and hopefully anything else that arises.

I could haver seriously taken her home with me. Just look at her. Wouldn’t you?





I just love her :)


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