Chest + Tri + Broken Bikes

Today, for my warm-up, I walked to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Or so says the step mill…I followed that up with some chest and tricep work that looked a little like this.

I finished the whole thing off with 15 minutes on the rowing machine plus some solid foam rolling and I thought I was done with my workout for the day but that changed when I got home and realized I used the red pepper meant for tonight’s dinner (jambalaya) last night.  Whoops. So we called an audible and decided to ride our bikes down to Laughing Planet for a burrito.  I thought we were heading straight home but Chris wanted to ride around which normally I’d have been all for but I just wasn’t mentally prepped for it.  I didn’t have the right clothes…or right mindset.

I felt like I was being a major complainer the whole time and I only got worse when the gears on my bike started acting up.  Like I could shift them but then they’d drop out.  This was fine when we were flat or downhill but sucked big time when we were peddling up Vermont.  Definitely got my workout that’s for sure.  Eventually (after I about had a breakdown in the middle of Multnomah Village) we switched bikes.  And of course, Chris had no problem with my bike for the rest of the ride.  Go figure.  But even though I was a whiny baby I’m glad I did it. I will never regret a workout :)

And now we’re back here and I’m re-hydrating.  After that, I’m going to go ice my knees and make some popcorn.  Wild times here I tell you.

There are only a few days left in the month – are you still drinking your water to make sure you #hydrateinjuly?


6 thoughts on “Chest + Tri + Broken Bikes

  1. I love that your step machine told you that! I swear the Eiffel tower seemed ridiculously tall when I visited and (at the time) I couldn’t imagine taking the stairs. Sounds like you had such an active day, nice work!

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