A great day

Do you ever have one of those days where at the end of it you look back and think, “man that was perfect.” Well, that was my yesterday :) Just plain perfection.

And the best part? There wasn’t some amazing event or expensive excursion. Nope. Just me, Chris, his parents, our friends and some amazing weather.

Here’s how it went down:
Chris and I got up and went for runs. He ran 6 miles while I ran 5. The scenery was perfect…mountains, rivers, blue skies. I wish I could do that run everyday. But I’ll have to settle for once more before we head home. After that I headed to the pool and got into a new book (Night Circus) before meeting up with friends at 1.

Randi and Billy are some of our best friends. I grew up with Randi and Chris grew up with Billy (and his family). We introduced Randi and Billy a few years ago when we convinced Randi to come down to Bend for a visit (she was living in Seattle at the time). Fast forward a few years and they’re happily married, living in Bend.

We packed up all our floats and headed to the Deschutes for a few hours of river floating fun. Amazing. That’s all I can say. Words just really can’t describe it. After the float we headed on to Bend for dinner at 10 Barrel. Yum. And after that we went back to Randi/Billy’s to watch some Olympics. And then we went home.

Such a good day. I wish every day of my life could be spent like that. Pure perfection.






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