5 miles, Paddle Boards, Brews, Bike Rides & Birthdays

Ok so you remember here how I talked about the perfect day? Well I was wrong. Yesterday truly was the perfect day. Pure bliss. A day that I will hopefully remember for many, many years to come. It also happened to be my father-in-law’s 59th birthday and I hope that when I turn 59 I have a day like this (and can be as fit as Chris’ parents are).

To start the day off, Chris and I went for an almost 5 mile run. Together. I can’t even tell you the last time this happened. He runs much faster than I do so normally we split up but he wanted to keep his pace in check and I pushed myself a littler more than normal.

And then I kicked it at the pool for a little bit, getting deeper into Night Circus (which is a great book) before we went off on our main adventure of the day.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding!!!! Chris and I had tried it once before in Mexico and it was kind of disaster. Not sure if it was a rough ocean or small board but we sucked. We’ve been wanting to try it again for quite a while and when we floated the idea by Chris’ dad he said he’d love to try it on his birthday. Fantastic! We have a friend who owns a place in Bend (Stand on Liquid) so we headed on over to pick up some boards.

All 4 of us stood up and paddled for almost 2 hours, going both with and against the Deschutes current. It was so much fun. Much easier than in Mexico but still super impressed that both of my in-laws were out there paddling around with the best of them. How many 58 & 59 year olds do that? In fact, Chris’ dad was flying back up the river on the way back in while I was struggling in the distance. I’m ready to buy a board and become a SUP addict. Only problem being Portland lacks in good spots to do it….Oh well, guess this is just another reason we need a place in Bend :)

And because apparently SUP burns 500-700 calories an hour, we decided to head over to Deschutes Brewery and treat ourselves to some icy cold beers.

After an amazing day in Bend we headed back out to Sunriver, cleaned up and rode our bikes out to the marina for dinner just as the sun was setting.

Dinner was a mix tamarind margaritas, enchiladas, burritos (a few too many mosquitoes), an owl sighting, and an awesome view of the moon.

Which was in full force for our bike ride home. Let me tell you, there’s just something about riding your bike in the cool summer air, in the middle of the country, surrounded by a river, under a full moon, with fantastic people that makes you want to pinch yourself. It’s hard to believe that this is my life. I am so thankful.

And to cap off the night we cheers’ed to Chuck. Happy 59th Birthday!

What a great family I married into.

I am so glad we got to have yesterday. It was a perfect ending to an absolutely perfect vacation.

And while I would love to sit here and share more pics from our trip I’ve got to get a move on…you know, showering, unpacking…all those good things. But before I go, I wanted to remind you that my Diet Bet starts today. I’m starting off at 138.8 pounds and by September 1st my goal is to get to 132 pounds which means I’ve got quite the challenge ahead of me. Good luck to the rest of the ladies joining me and if anyone else wants in it’s not too late to sign up.

Oh and by way, head over to Robin’s Bite where you can see a feature on my fridge and why I fill it the way I do.


7 thoughts on “5 miles, Paddle Boards, Brews, Bike Rides & Birthdays

  1. Great pictures! Your hubby looks SO much like his dad. It really does sound like the perfect day. Riding your bike under the moon sounds so wonderful and certainly not something that would be enjoyable in the Florida humidity. I also read your feature on Robin’s Bite, it was great too!

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