I have 1 million mosquito bites

I’m serious.  Like it looks like I have the chicken pox.  And they’re everywhere, including places bugs should never be venturing.  And it’s baffling to me.  Did I not feel the bugs when they were crawling/flying/biting these places?  Am I numb?  Were these magic bugs?  Chris was adamant about the mosquitoes when we were in Bend, so much so that he took nightly baths in OFF bug spray and I thought he was over reacting.  Who’s laughing now?

The good part is that for the most part, they don’t itch.  Except when they get scratched.  Which I try to avoid except when it’s impossible to do so.  Like when there’s one right at the spot the tongue/collar of your shoe hits.  See example below:

And don’t call me out here. I know nothing is rubbing against the bite in this picture. I was not wearing these shoes at the gym.  I was wearing my running shoes which come up higher and I swear, every step I took started this fury of itching.  But I toughed it out and did 60 minutes of cardio that looked a little like this:

  • 22 minutes treadmill – running at a 6.0 pace
  • 20 minutes elliptical – 10 min incline 2, resistance 7/10 min incline 2, resistance 10
  • 18 minutes on the bike – alternating between light/heavy resistance in and out of the saddle.

I followed that up with a variety of crunches – probably around 200 or so and attempted to do push-ups but thanks to Tuesday’s SUP, I didn’t make much progress.

And to follow-up my solid workout, I whipped up one of my favorite summer meals – Strawberry salad with homemade dressing.  This time we just split one chicken breast (normally we use two) and I subbed in spinach instead of mixed greens (all my lettuce bolted).

It was delicious.  We might have some popcorn later during the Olympics but overall I feel like I had a nice and healthy day of eating.  Blueberry smoothie for breakfast, rice cakes with hummus and turkey for lunch and an apple with almonds for my afternoon snack.  So far, so good with my Diet Bet.

And speaking of good.  Guess what I got in the mail today?  Peanut Flour!  I was so excited.  Like a little kid on Christmas morning even.  I’d been using PB2 (primarily in my smoothies but also good mixed with greek yogurt, in oatmeal, for peanut sauce etc) but it’s just a little too sweet for me so I switched back to my ‘ol favorite, Protein Plus Peanut Flour.  Less sugar and more protein than PB2 and just a smidge cheaper.  You can read about the time I tested them all here.  Just look how pretty it is.

Does anyone else use peanut flour?  Do you have a favorite brand?

How is everyone else doing on their Diet Bet?  Did you get the app?  I’ve found it to be super easy to use so far.

And I’m out.  Off to watch Lochte vs Phelps.  I’ve managed not to see who wins today which is a workout in itself hahah.  Have a good night and happy almost Friday :)


11 thoughts on “I have 1 million mosquito bites

  1. ok, I’ve been on vacay and I’ve missed lots of your posts. You are back to running !!! yayyy!! except I’m not…haha. I hurt the same tendon on my right leg as I did left a few years ago. I’m in PT at the wellness center but it sucks not being able to run so I totally relate to what you were saying a while ago about not being able to do very much cardio and burn calories. I feel bummed. hope to see you in Pilates soon!

    • Hahah, I was just catching up on your blog tonight! Your vacation looks awesome! Sorry about your leg. Stupid injuries. I think I’m going to try to do 2-3 miles maybe twice a week and see how it goes. Once you get better maybe we can plan some runs. I’ll be in Pilates next Monday :) I haven’t been in forever. I miss it!

      • me too! I was sick for a week before my vacay so I couldn’t work-out. Luckily that meant I was eating way less so it didn’t matter too much. But I am SO excited for a reformer workout.

  2. I bet you got those bites at the river when we were having dinner. The rest of us deleted up. That said it is still a mystery because they didn’t seem that bad. We ate outside again tonight at the bistro. I had great sturgeon, but the Mosquitos were out again. Also, we got in a two hour bike ride so calories were less of an issue!

    • Sorry :) Your comment got caught in my spam! PB2 does have a little more sugar and tastes sweeter so if you want to use it more for desserts then I’d say go with it. Protein Plus Peanut Flour is my fave because it has more protein and less sugar which works out great for my smoothies and sauces but if I want to make any sort of dessert with it I end up adding a little honey and salt which then puts me right back at where PB2 would have gotten me. Kind of a push depending on what you’re using it for.

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