Watermelon infused water + our dinners for the week

If there is such a thing as “hot spinning,”  I’m pretty sure I did it.  I hopped on our spin bike around 5pm and rode for 45 minutes in what felt nearly identical to a sauna.  Sweat-y.  It was in the 90’s today and we don’t have air conditioning so the ceiling fan and an open window was all I had.  Glad to be done with that :)

I also got sweaty when I helped Chris for a bit in the yard, shoveling river rock into the backyard for our latest project.  I’m super excited, it’s looking awesome!  I’m particularly pumped for this one because it involves a new home for my garden.  Instead of having all my beds and various containers on the backside of the house, he’s creating a new area and new beds right outside the kitchen.  Much more accessible for my “farm to fork” dinners.  Which we enjoyed the last of tonight (sad).

I’m officially out of greens.  They’ve all bolted so from now on, any strawberry salads will have to be made using store-bought greens.  Such a travesty.

And while we’re on the topic of store-bought, here’s a glimpse into what I got at the store today.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I meal plan and then grocery shop once a week and we try as hard as we can not to go back until the following week.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Here’s what dinners those groceries are going to turn into:

As you can see from the list above watermelon was not included in any of those dinners.  While not originally on my list, when I saw it at the store I had to have it and immediately cut it up when I got home.  I put some in the fridge for snacking, froze some for some delicious PB watermelon smoothies, and then decided to make some watermelon infused soda water with the rest.  It just felt like the right thing to do on a hot day like this.

Watermelon infused soda water:

  • 6-8 cans club soda
  • 2-3 cubs cubed watermelon
  • Ice

Pour everything into a big jar and enjoy.  Note – mint would be awesome with this but when I went to grab some out of the garden I realized I forgot to water it and now it’s dead.  Whoops.

And now I’m off watch some TV and waste some time on Pinterest and try not to melt :)

Question for you – how do you handle your grocery shopping?  Are you like me and go once a week with your planned out meals?  Or do you wing it?  Go whenever you need stuff? 




14 thoughts on “Watermelon infused water + our dinners for the week

  1. Thanks for asking the question because I was just telling a friend that when I grew up we did a Huge grocery shop run once a month for staples and then picked up perishables whenever necessary. However, the lifestyle I am living now in L.A. is that I have some staples and a very small hotel sized fridge at home. I rarely purchase canned or packaged food and I pick up fresh ingredients from the farmers markets 2-3 times a week for whatever I am craving. I enjoy the shopping process, there is less waste and a large % of my ingredients are fresh!

    • That is awesome that you do so much shopping at farmers markets. That’s the one thing we need to be better about. There are so many markets around here but I feel like they’re open only on the weekends and we never seem to make the hours.

  2. I try to plan a week of meals like you. I’m not always successful but it helps with impulse buying since I know exactly what I need.
    Also, that watermelon water sounds delicious!

  3. I really prefer to go to the store with a list and a plan, i do much better that way. Not just with how much we spend, but what we eat during the week. I love to do grocery shopping on Sunday morning before it gets busy and then we are set for the week. Exactly what I did yesterday. :) Another thing that I like to do is make dinner that also make for leftovers to have for lunch the next day. Bonus!

    The watermelon water looks so refreshing!!

  4. Love that jar! And love Dave’s Killer Bread. I have TONS of mint in my community garden. its spot number 63 if you ever want some:) tons of mint overgrowing next to my zucchini plant. You could even pick it with the root and replant it at your house and it will get bigger.

    • That’s good to know. I might sneak over there one of these days. We used to have tons of mint in our backyard but I guess it can’t stand multiple days of 90 degree weather and no water.

  5. I get super planned out about it. I scour the sale flyers, I use coupons, and I have a very detailed list separated by section of the store, haha. I even go on the same day every week. Grocery shopping is kind of my “thing” ;)

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