The time I ate cereal for dinner

I’ve tried not to complain very much about the heat around here.  But tonight it was hot.  92 degrees during the car ride home.  Dinner was a struggle-fest.  Even though I’d planned on making pork loin Chris said he wasn’t feeling it and wanted BBQ chicken with Annie’s.  Which sounded great except that I hadn’t thawed and marinated the chicken so that was out.  After going through many other choices we landed on Chris’ favorite chicken penne pasta with sun-dried tomatoes because we could thaw the chicken but didn’t need to marinate it.  Not my fave but what can I say, I’m a good wife :)

Except then Chris worked in the yard until after 8.  And I got hungry.  So I had some frozen grapes (which might be the best hot weather snack ever).

Along with some chips and hummus. And then I decided it was just too hot in the kitchen and I was not in the mood to cook anything.   So I had some cereal (at least I added a few freshly-picked-from-the-backyard blackberries) and Chris had leftover pizza.

To be honest, it was kind of refreshing not to have to cook.  I love cooking and I love making healthy foods for Chris and I but sometimes it’s exhausting.  Sometimes I want a night off (and let me clarify, Chris cooks but lately it’s been almost 100% me.  He tends to come up with more cold-weather meals). And it was nice.

Especially since I kicked my butt on the workout front.  I got up this morning and ran 5 miles and then I did a pilates reformer class at lunch.  It felt just like Hood To Coast training days.  I love/hated it.  It sucked to get up in the morning but I felt so good when it was over.  I just need to be careful about not pushing it too much.  My knees are doing pretty good right now and I’d like to keep it that way.

Do you guys ever have nights where you don’t want to cook? What’s your go-to auto pilot dinner?

PS – Shameless plug alert – I’m up for an award over at Around The Plate.  If you feel like voting, I’d love a little vote for me :) I’m in the healthy eating champion category.


11 thoughts on “The time I ate cereal for dinner

  1. I’ve been guilty of not wanting to cook for the past two weeks! I think the heat has a lot to do with it. Last night was supposed to be guacamole with chips, salsa and beans, but the avocados were funky so we ended up picking up sandwiches.

  2. I love, love, love frozen grapes. Such a refreshing snack.

    I am the cook in our house, if it is left up to hubby, it’s take out. I enjoy cooking but there are some days i just don’t want to.

    I voted for your blog, good luck!

  3. I’ve never tried frozen grapes but everyone has been talking about them lately. I’m going to have to try them!

    There is something about the summer where at least a few times a week I am not up for cooking a big meal and would prefer a quick, easy (cold and refreshing) dinner. Recently I’ve been making lots of wraps and just throwing all my leftovers in with some lettuce and other veggies and calling it dinner!

    • Haha. I had no idea they were a thing. I’ve eaten them like this ever since I was a little girl. Somehow I think they taste sweeter slightly thawed (freeze and let them melt a little).

  4. I am going to vote for you! I am slightly worried you are running too much too fast….be careful so that when I’m back at it soon we can run together again:)

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