Is a sweet tooth genetic?

I feel like I’ve had that exact same title in a post before…Anyway, I think they are.  I am a sugar bug just like my dad who is a sugar bug just like my grandpa.  My sister is a sugar bug just like all of us but my brother tends to crave salt which is just like my mom.  I mean give the lady a box of crackers or chips and watch out, but a bowl of ice cream – no way.   Chris never craves sweets.  Just like his parents.

So it begs the question – genetically are we predisposed to a certain flavor preference?  Or do we take cues from our parents and those around us as we grow up.  I mean, would I love cookies as much as I do if I grew up without them?  There’s an interesting article that came out last year basically saying that what a mom eats when she’s pregnant sets the child’s food preferences later in life.  This totally makes sense to me and when I’m pregnant I sure as heck plan to lean heavier on the veggies than the brownies but my mom was the one who carried me and yet I still have my dad’s food preferences.  Makes you think right?

Are any of you moms out there?  Do you have any thoughts/insights here?

What are your thoughts on sweet tooths (teeth? feels weird) and food preferences?  Are they genetic or learned?

And speaking of my dad, he’s the reason I’m on this rambling train of thought.  He had to come to town for work and after dinner (pizza) we hit up this place:

For some serious deliciousness.

Blizzards are kind of our thing.  Call it Father/Daughter bonding :)  And we both get the same flavor: Butterfinger with an additional serving of peanut butter cup.  This is very important and not to be confused with a 50/50 single serving mix. We’re talking two servings of toppings.  It’s the absolute best.  And it was so delicious.

And while not nearly enough to offset my diet today (and let’s be honest, the entire week) I did manage to crank out a slow 47 minutes on the treadmill because 45 just didn’t seem like quite enough and 50 seemed daunting.  I’d like to be able to get up and work out tomorrow AM too but I don’t know…that would be 4 5:30am workouts in a row which feels like a lot.  We shall see.

Happy Friday to you all.  Hopefully you’re doing something fun :)



6 thoughts on “Is a sweet tooth genetic?

  1. I have a huge sweet tooth like my dad, and my sister barely craves dessert like my mom. I think that, like most other things, it is a combo between nurture and nature. I think that our preferences, food and everything else, can’t be attributed to genetics or environment, but a mix of both!

    It’s funny how you and your dad have that tradition, because me and my dad have a very similar one! Growing up, every Sunday after dinner we would go to Coldstone Creamery for ice cream. As I got older and both of us became a little more health conscious, we started going to a local frozen yogurt place instead. Granted, it wasn’t THAT much healthier since we would get even bigger sizes of froyo with extra toppings mixed in :)

  2. Such an interesting idea! I never really thought about it before… I guess my parents both have sweet teeth (toothes? haha), so maybe it doesn’t really matter for me. I wonder if that thing about the pregnancy is really true or if they’re just trying to get pregnant women to eat healthier ;)

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