Off the Grid

This weekend I had no cell phone, no computer, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram…off the grid.  Completely.

We went camping at Barlow Creek up near Mt. Hood and it was great.  In the history of our relationship, Chris and I have had 1 sunny weather camping trip with all the rest taking place in the pouring rain.  Not this time!  We finally had glorious weather for our outdoor adventures.  It was a great campsite with the picnic table area up near the road and then our own private beach down by the creek.  And to be honest, we really didn’t do much besides relax, play cornhole (the boys), read (the girls) and eat (all of us).  Not going to lie, I certainly enjoyed some bad for me food (um lets not even talk about the amount of licorice or giant doritos I consumed this weekend).  But it was great.  Well deserved rest and relaxation.

When we got home I actually hoped on the spin bike (in all my filthy camping grossness…please still be my friend) for 45 minutes and then did a tiny arm circuit (front & side raises, shoulder press, tricep extension, front rows, bent over lateral raise) and finished off with about 250 crunches.  And then finally I showered.

And then we ate pizza.  Whoops.  Clearly I will be losing my diet bet.  I hope those of you who are doing it are having more success than I am…However this was our last “big” weekend before football season starts (have I mentioned we have season tickets to the Beavers) so I hoping I can pull things together these last two weeks before tailgating starts.

Alright off to watch the closing ceremonies and Newsroom.  What was your favorite moment of the Olympics?  I’m going to go with swimming.  I still love Michael and I’m a new fan of Missy.

6 thoughts on “Off the Grid

    • My husband is an alum. I’m a WSU Cougar but the drive to Pullman makes season tickets a little rough haha. However I like to think the Beavs and Cougs are friends so its ok that I cheer for them (most of the time). Are you an alum? Do you go to games? The 3 pack is actually the better way to go with the way they’ve been playing hahah

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