This heat is too much…too much

Look closely at this picture.  Notice anything strange?

Ooooh, right.  Portland is never supposed to be 108 degrees.  Ever.  Now granted my car was sitting directly in the sun so it wasn’t quite that hot but when I get into the car and can’t touch anything – the seats, the steering wheel, my sunglasses…I kind of reach my limit.  Not to mention I didn’t have time to workout during the day and planned on riding the spin bike at home…hahahahah.  I’m all for a good workout but riding my bike in the Sahara is just plain crazy talk.

Instead I’ve kind of been lying around on the couch in my non air-conditioned house, melting, and feeling generally unsettled.  Chris made chicken fajitas (but it was too hot to get my camera out) and then he met his friend for a drink and I’ve managed to waste multiple hours on the internet pinning things, reading celebrity gossip and randomly grabbing handfuls of chips from the pantry every time I walk in to get water..someone has boredom hunger.

And now I’m giving myself 7 more minutes of my “it’s too hot out” pity party before I have to be productive.  Priority #1 being to pack my gym bag for yet another early morning workout.  I’m aiming to get to the gym by 7 to do some weights before my 8am meeting and then hoping to get back at lunchtime for Zumba.  We shall see.

Ok and now I’m down to 4 minutes…better get a move on.  But before I go, here are a few pics from last night.  A last-minute birthday celebration for Dan.  Dinner and drinks at Rouge (where we barely missed the Real World Portland cast and then later went and stalked their house) and then back to the village to cap off the night at Journey’s.  Excellent.

Is anyone else experiencing a heat wave right now?  Or what about the people who deal with this kind of weather all the time.  Does it ever just kick your butt?  Do I sound like a total baby right now hahah?


6 thoughts on “This heat is too much…too much

  1. Hey Whit, I’m Steph’s mom! I love your blog and just figured out you must live in Multnomah! Is Journey’s a good spot?

    • Hi :) Yep, we live about a mile from the Village. We LOVE Journey’s. Great wine, beer and cider selection, awesome food (mostly small bites with a few salads and sandwiches), super friendly owners/bartenders and great outdoor seating. Definitely check it out.

  2. I live in TN where it is always hot in the summer, plus the humidity, UGH! This summer has been hotter than usual with not much rain. It wastes me completely! There is no way we could live without air-conditioning!

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