Pilates arms

Um, can we just talk about arms for a second? Look at these. I feel like they’re kind of ridiculous. Ps taking pictures of yourself in a bathroom is awkward.

I walked into the bathroom and felt like my arms were super toned. You know, sometimes you get that feeling like after a workout all the blood is flowing to those muscles making them look extra lean? Well, that’s how I felt today. After my 3rd day in a row of pilates. I never go 3 days in a row, always every other day, usually 2 times a week.

Anyway, what I’m saying is that Pilates on the reformer is awesome. And it works. Besides the few Jillian workouts last weeks I haven’t done any arm weights in who knows when. My mom was even talking this weekend about how good they look. And I’m not trying to talk about this to be braggy, I’m talking about this because I think having toned arms is super important. You do not want to be that old lady with the turkey gobble for a tricep. Consider this your public service announcement. Go try a Pilates reformer class. I know they’re expensive but you won’t regret it. I promise.

In other news, my lunch was delicious because I used leftover blackberry chipotle sauce poured over some grilled sweet potatoes and goat cheese (hard boiled eggs for protein). It was much more tasty than this picture makes it seem. Honest.


And then after work I went to acupuncture. One of my favorite things. It has been awesome in helping my tight IT band and all the inflammation in my knees. I swear I could have needles poked in me for hours.

And after that I was suppose to make shrimp tacos but I was tired so I stopped at the Planet. Bubba in a bowl for me, Holy Moly in a burrito for Chris. Each of us saved half for lunch tomorrow as I didn’t eat any chips with it. Gold star.

And I’m out. Off to probably fall asleep in the couch. Me=tired, old lady.

What about you? Has anyone tried acupuncture? Do you love it?


14 thoughts on “Pilates arms

  1. I am a teacher. Trying to get into a workout routine. I have thought about trying a Pilates Reformer class, but I already pay for my yoga studio membership. Trying to adjust my eating habits, too. Do you try to eat a certain amount of calories a day or just eat healthy?

    • So you could also get a similar benefit to pilates by getting some stretchy resistance bands and doing some easy at home exercises. Just google “resistance band workouts” and you’ll find tons. And the bands are cheap and can be found at most sporting good stores.
      As for eating, I don’t count calories, I just try to eat healthy and make sure my food is real not processed. I make sure I get protein at every meal, try to limit my carbs (hard for me) and eat veggies. I guess I would be around 1800-2000 calories a day?

  2. I have taken pilates reformer with my mother-in-law for a year and love it. I started because i have diastasis recti from my second pregnancy and I wanted close supervision and guidance strengthening my abs (my instructor was also a physical therapist). I feel awesome afterwards! I kept the cost down by doing semi-private with my mother-in-law and buying a package.
    Also love the acupuncture! Have done it in the past and need to look into it again for helping with my headaches that have gotten worse lately.

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