Just a few things

Lots going on around here…

I got a new computer and I’ve spent most of the day getting everything set back up how I want it.  I’m still without Photoshop which is kind of travesty and will need to be remedied soon.

I did some “back to school work” shopping today.  I have decided I’m tired of wearing jeans every day and found a great sale at the Gap.  However, once I got everything home I’m not so sure.

And speaking of school, my school played their season opener on Thursday and “Couged it” per usual.

I took Chance on a 3 mile walk today and it was beautiful. But you can definitely tell Fall is on its way.

I won my Diet Bet somehow.  In 28 days I managed to lose 5.6 pounds.

Very, very exciting.  However, I’m sure 2 of those pounds are back on because in order to lose the 5.6 I gave up alcohol and sweets which I promptly resumed eating as soon as the bet was over.

For example, here is a delicious Cherry Kriek I had when we were up in Hood River yesterday.  So good.

But because you need to earn it before you drink it, we hiked Multnomah Falls first.  This was the 1st time Chris and I had ever hiked it which seemed crazy.  Unfortunately I was a little disappointed.  There were way too many people and I would have preferred a slightly longer hike.  I think it was about 3 miles total.

And there you go.  A little update.  Hope you all are having great weekends.  We have a wedding tomorrow and a relaxing day planned for Monday.  Lovely.



8 thoughts on “Just a few things

  1. I love your new outfits! I want a blue blazer badly and am pretty sure I dreamt about one last night! haha… I begin having weird dreams as school comes closer to the first day. It does stink that the falls are so crowded… have you hiked Ramona Falls? Its part of the Pacific Crest Trail and is a 7 mile loop. I ran it with a friend this summer!

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