I could never be a housewife

I’m off work this week and had grand plans to accomplish a bunch of things I never got to this summer – cleaning closets, organizing the gym etc. And today, I had a rather large list of things I was hoping to check off. And yet somehow it’s 2:17 and nearly none of those have been accomplished.

Except one.

So that’s good I guess.

And now, while I still have the opportunity to be productive I’m sitting here waiting for some delicious smelling things to be done in the oven. Because of course the logical thing to do when you have a million tasks to accomplish is to bake pumpkin peanut butter cream-cheese filled muffins. Duh.

So the lesson we have learned here today friends is that I could never be a stay-at-home housewife. I would have the dirtiest house ever, my husband would not arrive to a home-cooked meal, and I’d weigh a million pounds.

But he would have muffins.

And speaking of my husband, he is amazing. Because of some work stuff we celebrated our anniversary at home last week which I completely enjoyed. As long as we’re together on 9/11 I don’t care what we do. Except he did. He decided to surprise me with a night in Hood River after we got back from the rodeo. It was perfect. And I have tons of pics to share but downloading and editing them are on my list of things that have not been accomplished.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with one of my favorites.

And that’s all I have for you today.


4 thoughts on “I could never be a housewife

  1. Agreed! When I get stressed, I bake. Thankfully I have plenty of coworkers more than willing to share in my desserts [stressed spelled backward…] Will you be posting a recipe for the muffins? They look delish!

  2. Hey girl! I love that last photo with the pup and the river! Where is that?! I’m always looking for places in Portland to take my pups away from the crowds. I like Thousand Acres Dog Park, but the river areas are muddy and gross so I’m on the hunt for a new location!

    love the blog post! Those muffins look amazing!


    • We were actually in Hood River so a little ways outside of Portland. In Portland we go to Gabriel Park which has two dog parks (winter and summer). We also go to Sniff a lot for dog happy hour. Definitely check it out if you haven’t. Free doggy play time while the parents drink. Hah

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