Tuesday thoughts

Ok, so I had grand plans of sitting down and actually writing a decent post – you know, one with actual content and quality pictures. I have a great pumpkin smoothie to share… But then I got side tracked trying to transfer files from my old PC to my new Mac. My mom needs a laptop so I’m giving her my old one but before that happens I need to get everything off of it. Kind of a nightmare is all I can say. Luckily I seem to have found a solution. Cross your fingers.

Dinner was Chris’ favorite chicken penne pasta which is not mine. Even though I was the original creator of this recipe it’s too blah for me. But the way to man’s heart is through his stomach right? So I pick my battles :) And since I knew I wasn’t going to love dinner, I made myself a tasty little appetizer…a bowl of brussels sprouts. I LOVE the b sprouts. And tonight I just steam/sautéed them in some chicken broth with salt/pepper/garlic. I was so excited to eat them that I burned my tongue.

Speaking of tongues, something that was delicious on mine were plums from our yard. This is the first year our tree has produced legitimate fruit. If anyone has any great recipes that include plums, send them my way. I’m thinking some sort of plum sauce with pork or chicken?

And last but not least – my workout. I ran 4.5 miles and it was glorious. Somehow the weather continues to cooperate and I was able to spend my lunch hour running in the sunshine. I had zero knee pain while running but unfortunately I have a little right now so I’m going to whip out my ice cups and give my knees a good freeze while we watch some shows.

I love that we’re finally getting new stuff on TV…Parks & Rec, New Girl, Parenthood. Any new shows you’re getting super excited about or can ready recommend? I haven’t watched anything new to me yet but I can’t wait for Nashville.

And I’m out. Hope you all have good Wednesdays.


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