Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday my friends. Hoping you have some fun things planned today? I will be at the WSU v Oregon game where I will be watching my Cougs get crushed by the Ducks. They’re predicted to lose by 28 points. Yikes.

On the trip up to Seattle Chris and I played one of our favorite car games – name that 80’s or 90’s tune. You have to guess the artist, title and year of the song. Trust me. It makes car rides fly by.

We stopped in Olympia and saw my brother on the way up. Loved hanging out with him. I don’t get to see him nearly enough. Also in Olympia we saw a gorgeous sunset.

When we got to Seattle I chatted with my sister and got stressed out about the youth of America. She is 11 and receiving texts from stalkerish boy who calls her sexy and goes to school with a group of girls who call themselves the “sexy 7.” Do I really want to have kids? (Note – my sister does not participate in any if this “sexy” calling thank goodness).

I also stayed up way too late watching Eight Below, the movie with Paul Walker and these amazing dogs in Antarctica. If you like dogs you should watch it. Totally tugs at your heart.

With that, I’m off to start my day but wanted to leave you with a quote I saw on Facebook.



3 thoughts on “Happy Saturday

    • I was shocked. I didn’t even kiss a boy till I was 17…My bro and husband started talking about the day my sister goes on her first date. Said they’ll be wearing sleeveless shirts and maybe even have a gun haha. My poor little sis.

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