Lunches and meal plans

So I sat down on Sunday will full intentions of posting all of this – my meal plan for the week complete with pictures of all my food prep. But then I didn’t. So you’re getting it two days late. And somehow without photo evidence of everything. Apparently I was so busy making things that I forgot to take pictures of two of my creations? What IS going on?

Meal plan:

Sunday: Papa Murphys

: On the fly made-up balsamic blackberry shredded chicken with quinoa and spicy green beans (this is going up on the blog sometime in the next week. I’m just one women. This post is taking all that I have).

Tuesday: Spaghetti. Nothing special here. Just whole wheat noodles, ground turkey breast, canned (organic) sauce plus red pepper flakes, Italian seasoning blend and garlic.

Lunches also involved some work. I went with shredded balsamic chicken with roasted balsamic veggies – brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes. All of these were inspired by recipes but none were followed exactly.

This meal has been delicious so far, lets see how I feel about it on Friday. At this point, it’s definitely one I’ll re-create. I also made a few sides for pre and post workouts:

Pumpkin Amazeballs by fitnessista
Paleo pumpkin bars by eating bird food.

And now apparently I’m a grandma because it’s 8:47 and I’m falling alseep at the computer. That’s what busy days to to you right? Not to mention I got up at 5 to run on the treadmill for 45 minutes. Monday I tried pilates using the shuttle and it was a hassle but if I want to keep working out at lunch I’m going to have to make it work. I’m trying it again tomorrow.

And with that, I’m out. Hope you’re having a great week.


8 thoughts on “Lunches and meal plans

    • That’s an awesome feeling. Thank you for saying that! I’ll admit it kind if sucks on Sundays prepping everything but it is SO nice to get up in the mornings and just toss a pre-made lunch into my bag.

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