Almost home

I’m almost home! Well, sort of. I’ve got about an hour and a half left at the airport and then a 5 and a half hour flight but then I’m home. Can’t wait. I haven’t slept in my own bed since last Tuesday night so I’m pretty jazzed.

You know what else I’m excited for? Pilates! I’m signed up for a class at 12:15 tomorrow and am crossing my fingers that nothing at work comes up to get in my way.

And speaking of workouts, I managed to clean up the past few days and get some workouts and veggies back into my system. Normally work functions are crazy – lots of food/drinks etc and while all of that was definitely offered, I was better than I’ve been in the past – skipped desserts and only had one glass of wine last night.


Plus I worked out all 3 days (FYI this Westin workout facility paled in comparison to others I’ve been to). Cardio and weights Monday. 40 minutes on the treadmill Tuesday, and a quick 30 minute Nike Training Club session in my hotel room this morning.



Oh and before I forget, I have to tell you about the BEST yogurt I have ever had (not kidding, probably the highlight if this trip). It’s some sort of homemade Greek variety with real vanilla flecks. It was sooooo good. I’ve tried to research it and thinking it might be made by Atlanta Fresh? If anyone in the Atlanta area has ever heard of this yogurt let me know. The catering company was A Divine Event. I’m borderline so obsessed with this yogurt (and homemade granola) that I might contact them to see if there’s anyway they can tell me where they got this yogurt. I NEED it in Portland.


What else, what else. Oh here’s a photo of me in grown-up clothes (taken in my closet). No real reason for this other than I like to document that my work wardrobe now includes things like dress pants and belts as opposed to hoodies and sneakers. I mean, right now I’m at the airport wearing a blazer. Wow-e.



And with that, I’m off. I have a little reading to tackle before I go hunt down some dinner. Let me tell you. There are NO healthy options here. What I wouldn’t do for some Subway…


11 thoughts on “Almost home

    • Thanks! I was pretty sure it was them. The bad news though is that they don’t appear to sell online (which would probably be weird/gross/unnatural). Breaks my heart. Guess I need another trip out here. For yogurt.

  1. Good job for working out! I wasn’t that good—I was working like 13 hour days and then I got sick! But I used the hotel gym a couple times and ran when I was in CA. Your outfit is cute. We did springboards today in Pilates and it was awesome! See you soon! Rachel Rettman is teaching on Friday for Christine so maybe I’ll see you then.

    • So basically I went nuts a jcrew outlet…4 pairs of the same crew pants in different colors, 2 of the same shirts, 2 sweaters and a scarf and they all mix and match so they look like new outfits but really aren’t haha.

  2. Cute outfit! I need some new work clothes in the worst way.

    Good job for working out while you were there! Hope your knees are feeling ok…I know you’ve mentioned them hurting when running.

  3. Eating healthy and fitting in work outs while travelling, especially for work, IS SO HARD. I give you props for figuring it out and sticking to it.

    Love your blue shirt, looks comfy but professional. Enjoy HOME!

  4. Adorable work outfit! You’re such a trooper for working out while traveling – I traveled for a couple of weeks and indugled in everything unhealthy and convinced myself I was on “vacation” and didn’t need to work out. Bad, bad move.

  5. Love the outfit :) My denim shirt is one of my favorites! I love how you can dress them up or down. Also, that yogurt sounds so delicious. I was on a Chobani kick but decided to switch to Fage Greek Yogurt because, well, it is always on sale. :) Hope you enjoyed a nights sleep in your own bed! That’s always the best.

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