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Hi, thanks for stopping by my world :)  I’m Whitney, I’m 30, living in Portland, OR with my husband Chris and dog Chance. I absolutely love fitness, in fact, I’d say it’s my passion.  At one point I was a certified personal trainer and worked at a gym for a bit but then I decided that if I was at the gym I’d rather be working myself out than working out others (not to mention I have a full time job doing something else so I was stretching myself a bit thin).  Anyway, now I spend my time working out and educating myself on all things fit – new workouts, healthy recipes etc. In fact, you could easily say I’m obsessed.  I read tons and tons of fitness blogs and websites so I finally figured I should just start my own – both to help me track my personal fitness goals and to have a place to store all of my random health and fitness knowledge.  And well, blogs are just cool so I needed one.

Beyond loving all things fit, spending time with Chris and Chance are right there on my lists of faves.  I’m so fortunate I married someone who loves being active and healthy as much as I do.  In fact, I credit him with making me even more fit (and I in turn have helped him eat more veggies).  I see so often you have one half of the relationship committed to being fit but not the other and I just couldn’t imagine how that would ever work.  He’s always there to support me, even when I’m being crabby and yell at him for running faster than me and then slowing down to wait for me (true story), or get mad at him when he’s trying to help me to snowboard (not proud of that).  I’m so lucky to have a partner who shares my passions – Love you Chris!

I also love traveling, gardening, country music, cowboy boots, getting lost in a book and spending time with great friends and family.  Because all of these things are part of my life, it’s inevitable they’ll be discussed on here at some point. It’s also inevitable that things come up in life that make it hard for you to make good choices.  The ladies want to do happy hour, the boys want to go grab beers.  That brownie looks REALLY good or you just have to eat 5 slices of pizza.  Well, that’s life. It’s short. And you should enjoy it. So eat the cookie, have the glass of wine but go to the gym and make smarter choices the next day.  Being fit is one big balancing act, and I’m just trying to avoid falling off the balance beam :)

So how do I stay fit?  I absolutely love running (I’ve run Hood to Coast 4 times) but since my knees have told me otherwise I’m on a mission to stay fit doing workouts I love.  Some of my faves?  Pilates – reformer and mat, tabata intervals, group power, spin/sculpt and sculpt classes and Zumba. Oh and how could I forget my fave lady Jillian Michaels?  I have tons of her DVDs which I do at home on the weekends or on days when I can’t get to the gym during work.

Oh and one caveat – I am not in any way certified or an expert on any of these things.  I just like them and find all these ways of working out helpful to keeping me in shape.  I’m happy to share my thoughts about them but anything on here is not meant to substitute a real instructor or Doctor’s advice.  Everything on this blog is absolutely my own opinion and not influenced/paid for by the company I work for or any brands/companies/products that I may talk about on here.

Happy reading :)

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    • Thanks Ann! I started it to try and keep myself on track. I kind of fell off the wagon for a while and hopefully this will help hold me accountable. Plus it’s a great way to save up all the random health & fitness stuff I find all over the web.

    • Ok so is it weird that I kind of feel like a celebrity just commented on my blog :) I love your blog and have been following it for a while. I’m still so new to the blog world so it feels awesome to have you stop by. Thanks! and welcome :)

  1. Cute blog! I’m also a fellow health/fitness nut. I too would always read fitness, heath, and healthy food blogs. I can’t get enough- I’m always checking out other fellow blogs or reading health articles and magazines. I’ve always embraced the healthy lifestyle and I’m always wanting more. I see that we have that in common. I, like yourself, decided to do my own health and fitness blog. Its always cool to meet another fitness nut! Take care. :)

  2. I just found your blog, it’s so dang cute! I love the work outs and food! I completely agree that life is a balancing act between healthy choices and living life to its fullest. I try to accomplish the same thing it sounds like, enjoy the yummy food in life, and eat a salad the next day haha. Great blog, keep it up!

  3. I love all things food and fitness and just found your blog. It’s been a great read, and I appreciate you putting yourself out there. Thanks for sharing. I’ve always read blogs and recently started one of my own. Here’s to good food and fitness.

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