The weekend where all I ate was halloween candy

I’m dead serious.

This weekend could easily go down in history as the weekend when I did nothing but lay around the house, watch Dirty Dancing (twice!) and eat Halloween candy. And guess what? It was glorious!!!

Chris was on a work trip and with him went my camera so you get to enjoy my talents with the iphone.

Friday was rather traumatic as I had to pick Chance up from the vet after he had surgery to remove a skin tag (gross). Everything went perfectly normal except he was super drugged up on morphine and I opted to spend my Friday afternoon working from home with a 90lb dog snuggled up by my side on the couch (which never happens but the guy had stitches so what can you do?). Pretty sure we stayed there until we went to bed (except for the time I got up and moved the bowl of Halloween candy right next to me).

Saturday I stayed in my jammies until around 2 and then cleaned the house, rode the spin bike for an hour (while watching Stepmom – um, do not try to workout while crying. There were a few moments where I seriously couldn’t catch my breath) and hit up Nordstrom rack from some new work clothes and Petsmart for toys for Chance (which he promptly tore up). And ate more Halloween candy.

And then I came home and watched the Beav game. Yay. Beavs win. And then I found Dirty Dancing on TV and watched it. Love. Favorite movie ever. It will never get old to me.

I woke up Sunday, ate breakfast and hopped on the spin bike again and low and behold, Dirty Dancing was on again!!! Count my lucky stars. I spent 45 minutes watching Johnny and Baby have the time of their lives and the best part was this must have been the special 25 year anniversary version because there were actually scenes that were new to me. NEW! I have every line in this movie memorized so it was like an early Christmas present or something to see new scenes. Now I feel like I need to buy that version to go along with my other version.

And then I picked Chris up at the airport. Went grocery shopping, walked Chance (awesome, warm, fall night) and ate pizza (but did not eat Halloween candy!).

There you go. My weekend. Riveting I’m sure. I gained 5 pounds and want to take dancing lessons but it was great. Especially since things are about to get nutty with a 3 day work-week, PTO in San Francisco straight to some work meetings in Atlanta.



7 pounds

I have a confession.  I have gained 7 pounds since January.

And for a while I tried to brush it off as water weight, too much salt, that time of the month…but it’s time to face the music.  These 7 pounds are not going away on their own.  I’m chalking it up largely to Journey’s where in January I joined the mug club.  Coincidence?  I think not.  In hindsight, joining a club where I regularly get 20oz drinks was probably not the healthiest choice to make.  I don’t even drink 20oz coffees hahah.  Beyond Journey’s I’d say I’ve been enjoying a few more desserts than necessary – I mean, 1 cookie is ok but 5?  Or how about the night I ate a pint of Ben & Jerry’s?  Yes, you read that right, a PINT!

And normally this time of the year I’d be like Chris, training for Hood to Coast, and would be running my butt off so the extra calories wouldn’t be that much of an issue.  But I’m not training for HTC and my cardio has been nowhere near as intense as it normally is this time of the year.  So you add it all up and 7 pounds doesn’t no seem like a shocker.  Actually I kind of feel lucky it’s only that much.

So what am I going to do about it?  Lose it.  That’s what.  By cutting out cookies/brownies/cake/ice cream and any other sort of dessert.  I’m also giving up chips and crackers.  Those are my downfall.  I can polish off a bag of chips like you wouldn’t believe.  And alcohol.  No more ciders.  Period.  And as of August 1st no more beer (I’m going to Sun River next week and will be going to some of the best breweries around, I’m being realistic).  I’m still on the fence about wine.  I don’t love it like I love beer and cider so it’s not as much as a trigger point for me.  For now I’m just going to say I’ll cut back.  I’ll reevaluate in a few weeks and see where I’m at.

My 2 year anniversary is September 11th and I had big plans to weigh the same then as I did on my wedding date but at this point, that doesn’t seem super realistic but we’ll see.  It’s always good to have a goal.

So what did I do today towards that goal?  I ran a super-slow 4.5 miles and did not eat the chips in the cupboard after I got home from work when I really wanted them.  And I had this delicious dinner.

Anyone else want to join me in my renewed focus on food?  I’m always up for buddies to help keep my accountable :) 



Wake-up Call

My in-laws and Chris & I are all members of Willakenzie Estates and they held a special tasting event yesterday so all of us, plus a couple of our friends headed out to wine country for a day in the vineyards.  We went to Willakenzie along with Penner Ash and tasted some great wines.


My husband & In-laws

When we got home we went to Sasquatch brewery for dinner and then headed to Journeys.

And then I woke up this morning and had a bit of a come to Jesus moment when I had a hard time getting my wedding rings on.  Not a good sign.  I got on the scale and 139 lbs flashed up at me.  139.  Um, I can’t even tell you the last time I weighed that much.  5 years ago maybe?  I’m 5’7 so it’s not like 139 is overweight so don’t think I’m saying that.  I’m just saying that for me, this is quite a bit higher than I’d like.  I usually hover closer to 132-135 with my ideal weight being about 130.  So seeing this number on the scale was a wake-up call.  Some of it obviously was from yesterday – the alcohol, the salt…and I’ll give a pound or two to some extra muscle, but still, that’s a lot higher than it should be.

I talk a lot about balance here on this blog.  I mean, we only have one life and I certainly do my best to enjoy it and for the most part, I do a pretty good job of balancing out the nights at Journeys with a day in the gym.  But lately I’ll admit that things have gotten a bit out of hand, especially with the unexpected nice weather.  Sunny evenings make enjoying a glass of beer/wine (or 2 or 3) a lot easier to justify.  “It’s so nice out, let’s go to Journey’s” or “let’s BBQ and open a bottle of wine.”  And then at least for me, the drinking will lead to snacking.  We’ll come home from wherever and it’s usually been quite a while since we ate dinner so I want something to snack on and end up raiding our kitchen – dried apricots, dark chocolate squares, chips…  Or worse, we’re out at whatever bar (let’s be honest, I’m referring to Journey’s) for a while and I’m watching people all around me eat and then I order a snack at 10pm.  Extra calories and I’m not even hungry.

I’m not posting this because I want sympathy or people to say “oh you look great,” or “the scale isn’t always an accurate measure of your fitness level.”  I’m posting this because way back when, this blog was a place for me to hold myself accountable.  And right now, I need a bit of a wake-up call.   To remind myself that we’re heading into the heart of summertime and I need to pull it together.  1 glass of wine.  1 beer.  No snacks when I’m not hungry.  Appropriate portion sizes.  Hopefully if I put it out here I’ll be better about sticking to it.  And for anyone out there reading, feel free to call out me out if you see pics of us at Journey’s or hear me on Twitter talking about our night out.  Hold me accountable.  Keep me honest.   I’d really appreciate it.

Mind over matter

That’s what Jillian told me this morning, “mind over matter.”  She said this to me as I was doing her 30 Day Shred.  The ENTIRE DVD.  That would be all 3 levels in descending order.  See normally, you’re supposed to do 1 level for a good 20 minute workout but I wanted to kick my butt so I did them all.  Am I a crazy woman?  Maybe so.  Am I going to be sore tomorrow?  You bet.

See, I just haven’t felt like I have it together this week.  Last weekend I enjoyed myself and didn’t worry about food or fitness.  And normally I’d get everything back in order during the week – eat good, work-out etc.  But this week has been super random.  I went out with some friends for a belated bday celebration Tuesday (had Mexican food and drinks) and then the rest of the week has been spent at the photo studio, totally throwing off my normal schedule.  I’ve had to squeeze workouts in at random times and I haven’t been able to push myself as much as I normally like to.  Add that to a table full of sweet temptations at the studio (which I’ve enjoyed) and larger than normal lunches and I just feel like of blah.

I did manage to eat a pretty healthy dinner last night though.  Left-over stir fry with some kale chips.  I’d made kale chips once before and they were kind of a fail but last night I followed a recipe from Kath Eats Real Food and they were fantastic.  Highly recommend them.  I actually ended up eating my whole bunch of kale so I’m going to need to pick some more up this weekend.

Kale Chips (Recipe from Kath Eats)

  • Preheat oven to about 375
  • Use about 1 OXO salad spinner’s worth of kale (which was a stuffed grocery store veggie bag). Tear the leaves off the thick stems into bite size pieces. Spread out on cookie sheets.
  • Drizzle with about 2 tsp of olive oil
  • Sprinkle with Parmesan, Asiago or your seasonings of choice. Plus a sprinkle of kosher salt.  Note – I added some cayanne.  I like my food spicy!
  • Bake for about 15 minutes, until edges are brown and kale is crispy when moved in pan.

After dinner, my random schedule continued when I went over to my friend’s house to drop off some dinner and visit with the most adorable 1 month old ever.  Can I just say that baby John is so cute???  Chris and I aren’t quite ready for kids but after holding this little guy for almost 2 hours the idea is certainly a little more tempting.  He just smelled so good and when he was all cuddled up, sleeping in my arms… kind of blissful :) Not to mention I was able to enjoy a mason jar of beer while holding him.  Multi-tasking at it’s finest.  I also learned some lessons from the new parents – apparently the Happiest Baby on the Block is the method to follow if you have a crying baby.  Good to know for the future.

When I got home, it was around 8:30 and I still hadn’t gotten a workout in and I was dying.  Just feeling a little gross.  So I hopped on the spin bike and rode for an hour while watching TV.  I’ll admit, not the hardest workout but I did get my heart rate up and worked up a sweat.  And I felt better doing something.  Plus Chance kept me company :)

And even though it was pushing 10pm when I finished, I made myself a protein shake.  Mostly because I wanted something sweet as opposed actually needing the protein.

Cherry Cheesecake Protein Shake:

  • 1 cup frozen dark pitted cherries
  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 2 scoops vanilla protein powder
  • 2 teaspoons sugar-free/fat-free instant cheesecake pudding mix

And then as I was crawling into bed later I told myself I was going to get up in the morning and work-out.  The shoot was probably going to go long and then I had plans to meet up with friends later so I knew that getting a workout in was going to be challenging.  Plus, at least for me, I tend to make better food choices if I know I’ve already worked out.  For example, I’m much less likely to snack on peanut M&Ms when I know I can’t work them off.  Make sense?  Yesterday for example, I kept telling myself, “I’ll workout after work and work off all of this that I’m eating.”  Basically erasing the calories I’ve consumed.  But with working out at the beginning of the morning, I won’t have the chance to erase things and I’m more motivated to keep my diet clean.

But when my alarm when off at 5 am I was just not feeling it.  I seriously laid in bed, hitting the snooze for almost 45 minutes trying to talk myself into getting up.  I kept rationalizing why it would be okay to skip my morning workout…I’ll eat good, ride the spin bike after work, skip drinks with my friend.  And finally at around 5:45 I just got up and MADE myself but on my training shoes.  And I’ll be honest.  It sucked at first.  I was cold and tired and Jillian was yelling around.  Ug.  But then something happened.  By the time I was halfway through the 1st level I had found my groove.  The cobwebs were gone, the workout endorphins were starting to kick in and I was so glad I’d made myself get up.  Mind over matter.  Jillian was right.  No excuses.  Just do it.  Sometimes you just have to force yourself to get out of that bed and work up a sweat.  You’ll thank yourself later, because I honestly can’t think of a time where you’d regret it.  And then because I was enjoying (is that the right word hahah?) I made myself do all 3 levels starting with 3 and going backwards.  I’ve only done that one other time and all I remember is being super sore the next day so I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ll wake up to tomorrow.  But it will be worth it.

Allrighty, this has turned into the longest post ever and if anyone has made it this far, nice work!   Hopefully you all have some fun plans for the weekend…Until tomorrow :)

Somebody needs a detox

Happy Monday. I’m currently en route from the beach. We wanted one more night at the coast so we got up early this morning for the hour and a half drive home. Then we’ll drop Chance off and get to work by about 9.


I’m sipping on a 16oz non fat latte from The Human Bean which is my favorite coffee place because they give you a chocolate covered bean with your drink. And my breakfast is a PB chocolate zone bar (Karen, if you’re reading this, thanks in advance because we took them from the pantry).



And even though we’re getting to work later than normal I really hope I can get to the gym because my body needs a workout like you wouldn’t believe. I ate and drank so much this weekend. Including multiple slices of the most amazing birthday cake ever. It’s always been a tradition that I get an ice cream cake for my bday. My mom did it when I was little, my dad continued it through college, and now Chris has taken on the responsibility. It’s typically from Baskin Robbins but this year was a game changer. This year it came from Dairy Queen, and it was a Blizzard cake. And my friends, it was amazing. My favorite blizzard flavor is Reese’s PB cup with an addition serving of Butterfinger. Not half & half. Additional. And this weekend that was turned into a cake. With some chocolate fudge and chocolate cookie crumbles. And melted PB drizzled on the top. Amazing is the only word that can describe it.


Pretty sure I have enough calories stored up in my body that I could fast for the next 5 days and not even be hungry but that would be really bad. Instead, i’m going to drink a lot of water, focus on getting veggies back into the routine and try to minimize my carb intake.

And do a lot of cardio to sweat out all that sugar :)

Feel free to pass along any detox tips you have. I leave for Mexico in 23 days so I need to pull it together pretty quickly.

I am a cookie monster

I have eaten 5 servings of Mint Milano Meltaways.  Yes, you just read that correctly.  5 servings.  That’s 10 cookies at 700 calories.  700.  I am  cookie monster.  And on top of that I’ve eating multiple York Peppermint Patties (minis), a mini bag of peanut M&Ms and a hefty amount of gluten-free pretzels.  And it’s all because my mom gave me an Easter basket.  See, we don’t keep candy and cookies in our house.  It’s too big of temptation for me.  I love dessert…cookies, brownies, ice cream, you name it.  Love it.  And I cannot just eat one bite.  Doesn’t work for me.  I’m of the “all or nothing” philosophy when it comes to sweets.  I wish I wasn’t.  I wish I didn’t like it.  But I do.  Oh I do.  And while I should be sitting here totally grossed out about all the cookies and crap I just ate I’m trying hard not to. Obviously this was way too much sugar and calories to consume.  And I ate it when I wasn’t hungry.  And I feel a little sick. And I’m going to be pissed at myself when I get on the scale tomorrow.  But oh man those cookies were delicious.  And I’ve worked out every day for the past who knows how many days so I think it’s ok to have an off day.

Could I eat like this every day?  No way.  But I think I’ve mentioned it before on here that life is one big balance beam and I’m just doing my best not to fall off.  There are going to be days where you get out of control.  Oh well.  No use crying over spilled milkshake (bonus points for whoever can tell me what movie that was in).  All I can do is make better choices tomorrow.

Besides the Easter basket, my mom also brought with her a fun day of shopping.  We bummed around a variety of stores and I ended up with a couple of dresses for some upcoming weddings.  We also hit up Home Depot and visited my aunt.  My mom went to my cousins Catholic conversion mass and Chris and I hit up Journeys.  Now she’s  back and we’re chilling on the couch getting her caught up on Revenge (you MUST watch if you don’t already.  It’s so good).

As for workouts…I ran 3.5 miles this morning with Chance.  Same route we ran yesterday.  Normally I wouldn’t be over the moon for running 7 miles in two days but this has not happened since Hood to Coast training last summer.  I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to get back into running shape but at this point I’m cautiously optimistic that it’s going to happen. I mean, it’s just crazy to me to think that at the end of August last year I thought I was hanging up my running shoes for good.  But it just goes to show the benefit you can get from Physical therapy. I didn’t get any pictures today but here is  me and Chance’s photo sesh that happened after yesterday’s run.  As you can see, he was not having it.

Signing off for the night to finish TV watching with my mom.  Have a good night.

1st outdoor drinks at Journey’s

This actually happened last week but I’m a bit behind getting things posted.  We headed over to Journey’s with Dan and Andy (Craig and Sunny joined later) for some drinks on the lawn.  Cannot wait for summer when I won’t need to wear a down vest while drinking my cava.

The Village

Dan & Chris

Trying to capture the stars

And because we’re on the topic of Journey’s, I should add that this week marks their 5th anniversary and to celebrate, they’re having events every night!  This place is going to be the death of me.  I mean seriously, how am I going to lose these last 5 pounds with this place?  It’s like our Cheers and now we’re regulars and I love sitting up at the bar and chatting it up with the owners.  Last night was mystery beer and cider tasting which we HAD to go to.  So we did.  But, I managed to make slightly healthier choices and ordered a salad with chicken instead of the usual grilled cheese and I only had a pint of cider instead of a mug.  Baby steps right?  And then instead of a second glass of cider I had a glass of cava.  Not sure if that is any lower in calories or sugar (probably not) but it’s in champagne flute which meant there was less of it than cider. So I guess I should feel sort of ok about the choices I made last night.  Better would have been 1 glass of cava but I can’t change the past, only make better choices in the future.

Workout plan of attack today?  Zumba.  In fantastic news, it’s now going to be offered during the day on Tuesday and Thursday (along with the Friday noon class).  I am so excited.

Oh and ironically it was a crazy snow storm when we drove into work this morning.  Funny that I post about a beautiful spring-like night last week and now we’re right back in the middle of winter.

Winter Wonderland. In March.

Workout withdrawls

Besides walks in Maui and my one day of working out I have not really done anything active since Feb 1st.  Crazy times.  Worked out every day for the January Challenge and then fell off the wagon. Hard.  But guess what?  It’s actually been kind of nice.  Sure, not very healthy for me.  I could totally use some good ol sweat breaking but it’s been a nice way for my body to revive itself.  My knees have especially appreciated it.  Little to no pain the past few days and it’s been so nice.  Plus, this morning when I got on the scale I weighed .2 pounds less than I did when I left for vacation.  My body’s thanking me I think :)

I wanted to workout today but ended up having a minor, minor medical procedure and my doctor told me to take it easy at least for today.  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.  So I get one more day of relaxing before heading back to the gym.

For now, here’s a pic from Maui, where I wish I could be relaxing right now.


Crack Clusters

So this weekend my friend introduced me to cashew clusters from Costco but I think they should change the name to Crack clusters because I’m seriously addicted. I mean, literally cannot keep my hand out of the bag. It started yesterday when I was hungry on the train. “Just 5, 1 serving, 150 calories” I told myself. And then I had about 15ish. Yup. About 500 calories. In my belly. Got home. Had more.

Then today I had a tough day and wound up in tears because of a couple different reasons and kind of just wanted to drown my sorrows in a bottle of wine or a bag of cookies. But I couldn’t (thank you January challenge) so I ate some crack clusters. So many that I can’t even make a reasonable guess. More than yesterday. A lot more. Whoops.

But somehow they made me feel better. And I’m ok with the fact that I just consumed more calories in 20 min than I did in the entire day. Sometimes you just need a good cry and some deliciously crunchy cashew goodness.



Minus 1

Last night I lost a point in the challenge. But, I didn’t lose it because I had no willpower, instead I decide to give it up because I wanted to have a fun, social night with my husband and friends. As much as I want to win the thing I also want to enjoy my life. And seeing as how I worked out every day and ate well I felt like it was ok to have a few drinks. Except that the few drinks turned into joining the mug club at our favorite bar. And then one mug club drink turned into two which then turned into playing darts at the bar down the street which then turned into a day where I really needed some coconut water hahah. But I did just get back from a 45 min walk so I’ve at least earned my workout point today. And I made it through a baby shower without the champagne and cupcakes. Now we’re off to Corvallis to watch TW Beavs play Stanford with some dinner at the Dream. Yum!