Off the Grid

This weekend I had no cell phone, no computer, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram…off the grid.  Completely.

We went camping at Barlow Creek up near Mt. Hood and it was great.  In the history of our relationship, Chris and I have had 1 sunny weather camping trip with all the rest taking place in the pouring rain.  Not this time!  We finally had glorious weather for our outdoor adventures.  It was a great campsite with the picnic table area up near the road and then our own private beach down by the creek.  And to be honest, we really didn’t do much besides relax, play cornhole (the boys), read (the girls) and eat (all of us).  Not going to lie, I certainly enjoyed some bad for me food (um lets not even talk about the amount of licorice or giant doritos I consumed this weekend).  But it was great.  Well deserved rest and relaxation.

When we got home I actually hoped on the spin bike (in all my filthy camping grossness…please still be my friend) for 45 minutes and then did a tiny arm circuit (front & side raises, shoulder press, tricep extension, front rows, bent over lateral raise) and finished off with about 250 crunches.  And then finally I showered.

And then we ate pizza.  Whoops.  Clearly I will be losing my diet bet.  I hope those of you who are doing it are having more success than I am…However this was our last “big” weekend before football season starts (have I mentioned we have season tickets to the Beavers) so I hoping I can pull things together these last two weeks before tailgating starts.

Alright off to watch the closing ceremonies and Newsroom.  What was your favorite moment of the Olympics?  I’m going to go with swimming.  I still love Michael and I’m a new fan of Missy.


5 miles, Paddle Boards, Brews, Bike Rides & Birthdays

Ok so you remember here how I talked about the perfect day? Well I was wrong. Yesterday truly was the perfect day. Pure bliss. A day that I will hopefully remember for many, many years to come. It also happened to be my father-in-law’s 59th birthday and I hope that when I turn 59 I have a day like this (and can be as fit as Chris’ parents are).

To start the day off, Chris and I went for an almost 5 mile run. Together. I can’t even tell you the last time this happened. He runs much faster than I do so normally we split up but he wanted to keep his pace in check and I pushed myself a littler more than normal.

And then I kicked it at the pool for a little bit, getting deeper into Night Circus (which is a great book) before we went off on our main adventure of the day.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding!!!! Chris and I had tried it once before in Mexico and it was kind of disaster. Not sure if it was a rough ocean or small board but we sucked. We’ve been wanting to try it again for quite a while and when we floated the idea by Chris’ dad he said he’d love to try it on his birthday. Fantastic! We have a friend who owns a place in Bend (Stand on Liquid) so we headed on over to pick up some boards.

All 4 of us stood up and paddled for almost 2 hours, going both with and against the Deschutes current. It was so much fun. Much easier than in Mexico but still super impressed that both of my in-laws were out there paddling around with the best of them. How many 58 & 59 year olds do that? In fact, Chris’ dad was flying back up the river on the way back in while I was struggling in the distance. I’m ready to buy a board and become a SUP addict. Only problem being Portland lacks in good spots to do it….Oh well, guess this is just another reason we need a place in Bend :)

And because apparently SUP burns 500-700 calories an hour, we decided to head over to Deschutes Brewery and treat ourselves to some icy cold beers.

After an amazing day in Bend we headed back out to Sunriver, cleaned up and rode our bikes out to the marina for dinner just as the sun was setting.

Dinner was a mix tamarind margaritas, enchiladas, burritos (a few too many mosquitoes), an owl sighting, and an awesome view of the moon.

Which was in full force for our bike ride home. Let me tell you, there’s just something about riding your bike in the cool summer air, in the middle of the country, surrounded by a river, under a full moon, with fantastic people that makes you want to pinch yourself. It’s hard to believe that this is my life. I am so thankful.

And to cap off the night we cheers’ed to Chuck. Happy 59th Birthday!

What a great family I married into.

I am so glad we got to have yesterday. It was a perfect ending to an absolutely perfect vacation.

And while I would love to sit here and share more pics from our trip I’ve got to get a move on…you know, showering, unpacking…all those good things. But before I go, I wanted to remind you that my Diet Bet starts today. I’m starting off at 138.8 pounds and by September 1st my goal is to get to 132 pounds which means I’ve got quite the challenge ahead of me. Good luck to the rest of the ladies joining me and if anyone else wants in it’s not too late to sign up.

Oh and by way, head over to Robin’s Bite where you can see a feature on my fridge and why I fill it the way I do.

DaBob bay

Hi! I’m still around but I’m hanging out in paradise right now. Also known as DaBob Bay near the Hood Canal in Washington state. It’s only about an hour and a half from where I grew up but I had no idea this place existed. Chris’ aunt and uncle have a yurt up here and it’s awesome. We’re just about to have a salmon dinner after we stuffed our faces full of fresh crab we pulled out of the bay ourselves this afternoon.

More pics to come but here is my current view. Hope you’re all having great weekends :)


Todos Santos in photos

I’ve finally gotten around to downloading all my Mexican vacation photos.  For more info about where we stayed head over to the Travel page.  Like I mentioned I was there for a wedding which was absolutely amazing.  If you’re looking for a place to get married in Mexico, I’d highly recommend this place.

Todos Santos

La Paz

Cabo San Lucas

Getting back into the swing of things

Hola!  After a couple of flight delays we made it home around midnight last night and I’ve spent the day trying to get back into a normal routine.  Smoothie and coffee for breakfast, quinoa salad for lunch and a Papa Murf’s Perfect currently cooking up in the oven…I mean, come on, I said normal routine right?  Which of course had to include pizza.

My clothes are unpacked and in the process of being washed.  Meals have been planned & prepped, groceries have been bought and over 400 photos have been downloaded.  I meant to hop on the spin bike this afternoon but that didn’t happen.  I mean, besides walking (which we did a lot of) I hadn’t worked out in 7 days so what’s one more right?  Tomorrow however will be all about cardio.  And going back to work…sadly.  But luckily we get to leave at noon on Friday’s in the summer so I’m really only looking at a 1.5 day work week.  Could be worse, right?

The oven just dinged which means it’s dinner time.  I’ll be posting more a more detailed recap of the trip soon but for now, here are a few pics to get you dreaming of Mexico.


Working out on vacation

I think I seriously have summer on the brain.  “Summer” in the Pacific Northwest really doesn’t start until the 4th of July and the calendar says it doesn’t start until June 21st, but my brain will always associate it with June 1.  June = Summer.  And with summer, comes vacations.  And with vacations come less working out.  It’s not always intentional.  Anytime I’ve ever gone on vacation I pack workout clothes and I tell myself that I will be doing something active every day…that I’ll run or hit the hotel gym or something.  But no matter what, even with my best intentions, there are days on my vacations where the only thing active I do is walking from my hotel room to the beach.  Eh, what can you do right? But I thought it wouldn’t hurt to be a little pro-active and throw out a couple of easy vacation-friendly workout ideas.  No gym required.

On every vacation Chris and I have taken, we’ve hiked or walked somewhere.  He is huge into exploring.  To see how the locals experience whatever place we happen to be.  Sometimes this drives me nuts because all I want to do is lay down on a beach towel with a book. But I admit, I’m always glad we check things out.  Plus, you get a great workout.   Make sure to pack a good pair of sneakers because even if it’s just walking to the store to grab some snacks, your feet will like them better than flip flops.

Hiking – Maui 2012

I love to swim.  My grandma lived on lakes my whole life so I grew up in the water but somehow I’ve never managed to figure out how to swim the freestyle.  I think it’s the hand-eye-breathing coordination that does me in… But I can swim a mean breaststroke (as long as no one expects me to put my head in the water).  Did you know swimming for an hour burns about 600 calories?  And it’s a total body workout – every muscle is firing to keep you moving.  I’ve also found that swimming doesn’t feel like a workout to me.  It’s just having fun in the water.  We’ve swam in oceans, rivers, lakes and pools.  Even if we’re just somewhere with a small hotel pool I’ll crank out some laps to get some cardio in.

Swimming – Bora Bora 2010

Paddle Boarding
If you’ve never paddle boarded, you must!  It’s so fun.  And a much harder workout than I initially anticipated.  You really have to have strong core muscles to keep yourself up on that board and you can burn around 300 calories in an hour (more if you’re battling serious currents).  Here’s a little background if you’re not sure what it is. We wanted to go when we were in Maui but the surf was too rough from storms so I’m hoping to try it next time we’re in Mexico or even Bend this summer.

Paddle Boarding – Sayulita 2011

Hotel room workouts
I’ve been doing a lot of these types of workouts lately.  No gym or equipment needed interval circuits that get your heart racing and tone your muscles.  A couple recent examples include my 200 push-ups and rainy day workouts.  Really, you just need to mix in short cardio intervals – think 30 sec to a minute with some toning exercise (squats, push-ups etc).  Pick about 5 that you like and do them 5 times through.  Here are a few options to pick from:

Cardio bursts:

  • Jumping jacks
  • High knees
  • Jump rope
  • Double jump rope
  • Butt kicks
  • Skaters
  • Moguls
  • Single leg hops
  • Burpees
  • Mountain climbers
  • Plank jacks


  • Sit-ups
  • Crunches
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Push-ups
  • Planks
  • Leg lifts

So there you go.  A couple of ideas to help you keep moving on your next vacation.  Make sure you pack some sneakers, a pair of shorts and a sports bra (for the ladies).  Don’t get me wrong, vacations are meant to be a time to relax and you can certainly find me with my nose in a book but I do try to do something active every day.  Even if it is just walking down to grab a coffee at the local cafe.

What about you guys?  Do you have any sneaky travel workout ideas for me?



David Gray, moments, & healthy margaritas

Do you follow me on Twitter? If you don’t, you should – @whitlikesfit :) Plus, you’d know that I’m currently in Todos Santos (Baja peninsula) Mexico. One of our good friends is getting married on Saturday and we’re so excited to be part of her big day. We got into Cabo around 3 yesterday and then drove the 1.5 hours (yes, Chris drove around Mexico, he is a champion) to Todos.

After the gorgeous drive and a tad bit of exploring we settled into our hotel and enjoyed a delicious dinner of fresh Guac and chips along with a shrimp quesadilla and a large marge. Ps have I ever mentioned how much I love Manchego Cheese? Seriously my fave.

After a brief foray into the hot tub we wound up sitting up on the rooftop deck (we had it all to ourselves) drinking marges/beers while listening to David Gray raft through the speakers and cheersing to Chris’ bday :) Kind of an amazing night if you ask me. It got even better when Chris whipped out his phone and started playing Then by Brad Paisley (our wedding song) and we enjoyed a private dance on the roof. Swoon.


I watched The Vow on the flight down (watch it, it’s great) and it talks about life moments. Here’s a quote that explains it better than I ever could:

“My theory is about moments, moments of impact. My theory is that these moments of impact, these flashes of high intensity that completely turn our lives upside down actually end up defining who we are. The thing is each one of us is the sum total of every moment that we’ve ever experienced with all the people we’ve ever known. And it’s these moments that become our history. Like our own personal greatest hits of memories that we play and replay in our minds over and over again.”

— The Vow

Last night was definitely one of my greatest hits. So perfect. I’ll be remembering it for the rest of my life :)

Today I believe we’re going to enjoy some breakfast, explore the town and attempt to get me to try surfing. Chris is a pro but I’ve never done it. We’ll see if it happens. Later tonight we’re meeting up with other wedding guests at Hotel California (yes, as in THE one in the song).

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday. I may or may not pop in with vacation related posts but I did crank out some other thoughts on things before I left so you’ll see those come through.

Oh and for your drinking enjoyment I thought I’d pass along the margarita recipe Chris concocted yesterday. We were slightly limited on ingredients but it turned out to be quite tasty and low in calories.

Healthy Margarita:

2 shots water
1 shot tequila
1 shot “controy” (Mexio version on Cointreau. You could also use the juice of an orange)
Juice of one lime

Mix. Drink. Pretend your in Mexico.

Hasta Luego :)

Don’t go chasing waterfalls

Well, unlike the advice from TLC, we actually did. We headed out on the Road to Hana, knowing that we weren’t going to go all the way to the end (I get carsick and Chris has already done the whole thing). However we did want to swim in some waterfalls a la Tom Cruise in Cocktail. Luckily we found 3. Chris swam in all 3 while I opted for 2. It was awesome. Then we watched an amazing sunset on the way back. Glorious day. Way more pics when I get home. This is just a sneak peek.

Ps I miss the gym! We’ve walked a ton but my body needs a serious cardio sweat session. Plus besides salsa I have had no veggies. Pretty sure I’ve just eaten bread and cheese this trip. Gonna be good to get back on the wagon next week.





Earlier today I got an 80 min massage (Christmas present from Chris) and then we checked out the Westin Villas. Pretty interesting timeshare-like situation. Would love to own one. Then we headed to Maui Brewing where I drank some tasty Mana Wheat beers (brewed with Pineapple!) and ate the best meal since arriving – kahlua pork, white rice, BBQ sauce and potato salad. Yum in my tum for sure.

Now it’s 5:15 here. The sun is going to set in about an hour. I’m laying under some palm trees, drinking a delicious drink and listening to the waves crash onto the sand. And my best friend is laying in the chair next to me. I’m pretty lucky to have this life.