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BlissTree, Fit Sugar, MizFitonline, Fitbottomed Girls...

Some people love coming home after work and having a glass of wine to relax.  Not me, I prefer to sit down, open up my iPad and cruise through my Flipboard app until I’ve read every possible last bit of content.  Fitness blogs and websites are kind of like crack to me.  It’s like I just can’t get enough of them.  Every day I read something new that I want to share with people.  Whether it’s 11 new ways to eat oatmeal, Habits of people who rarely get sick, or the 1000 rep workout, I want to know it all.

And then I want to tell someone.

Most of the time I tell Chris.  And being the good husband that he is, he listens to me, nods his head and then wonders what new food or supplement he’s going to have to start (or stop) eating now.  Or sometimes, when Chris isn’t around, I’ll post the articles to my Facebook page, or put them away inmy brain, for future reference.  The problem is, when I don’t put the info somewhere I’ll spend hours surfing the internet trying to find it.

So that’s where this section comes in.  These next few pages are going to be my “storage space” for my random health and fitness online finds.  Workouts, recipes, studies, gear – you name it.  If I read it and think it will be helpful to me (or you) at any point in the future, I’ll put it here.  I actually told Chris about this new plan today and he thought it was great.  Now he can come here and peruse at his leisure instead of being bombarded with articles about why flax, chia seeds, gluten, coconut water, kale… is good for you.

Oh and last thing – I know that not everything I read is the truth.  If you look hard enough, you can find something bad (or good) about everything.  For every study to prove something you can find another disproving it.  We’re all grownups and we know how to make reasonable, logical choices.  But we can also drive ourselves crazy if we believe it all.  And while I freely admit I’ll hop onto the next trend train tomorrow if it’s going to make me healthier, I try to make sure to keep it all in perspective and do what feels best for me and my body.

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