And I’m back

Earlier today we got home from an awesome weekend.  I mean, we’re talking like one of the highlights of my summer :)  We headed up to my hometown of Olympia, WA Friday night and hung out with my mom, grandma, uncle and brother and then Saturday headed North on HWY 101 to DaBob bay which is in the northern part of Hood Canal, about 30ish minutes from Hoodsport.  It was beautiful.  We were out there with Chris’ family and I had a blast.

Here is a glimpse into my weekend…


DaBob Bay (more pics to come later in the week)

Sunday Prep –

I mixed up a big bowl of chicken salad – boiled & shredded chicken, 1 can each of black beans and corn, 2 roasted sweet potatoes, leftover salsa and 2-3 oz of goat cheese.

And I slow jogged for 45 minutes on our new to us treadmill.  Our friend Mindy moved downtown and needed to get rid of stuff out of her garage and we lucked out and got her treadmill.  It’s awesome.  On the older end of things but great for some easy jogs.  I’ve been on it twice and love it.  I love the bike but I will always be a treadmill gal.

And now I’m out to watch Newsroom.  Have you seen it yet?