I have become a grown up

Want to know why? Because I now go into work before flights. We leave at 12:45 for SF and before, I’d take the full day off. No need to be stressed on travel days.


Now I go to work to bang things out. And I put my cell phone # on my out office and tell people to call me. I say things like “responses may be delayed.”
Um, they should be. It’s my vacation.

Who am I?

A lady who crams a lot into a little. Take my workouts for example. All occurred before work this week. A run on Monday. Pilates and the elliptical Tuesday and the spin bike + some jumping jack/squat/sit-up/push-up action yesterday. No workout today because we headed to the coast after work to see the in-laws and drop Chance off with them. And then we got up this morning and drove straight to work from the beach.

Side note – I love nights like last night. Got to hang with awesome people, see the stars, hear the sounds of the ocean as I fall asleep. Fantastic.

And now I’m off to the airport. Hope you are all having great weeks so far. Woo hoo for being this close to the weekend.





Actually I want a gym

So I turn 30 at the end of April and made it my goal to weigh 128 pounds which is what I weighed when I was 20 and what I weighed at my wedding. I feel like if every time I hit a big milestone I weigh the same as the last then I’m doing pretty good.  I’m currently 5 pounds away from that.  Still doable.  And my reward/birthday present was going to be diamond earrings.

There is still some debate on where those earrings are coming from – I think they should come from Chris and I’ve hinted as such. Many times. But this morning we went to the gym together and I changed my mind on what I want.  I’d just completed a 30ish min circuit of free weights and Chris walked over after his cardio on the bike.  We were both sitting down on benches, looking at the big mirror and huge rack of weights and and I decided that I don’t want earrings, I want a gym. See, we’ve talked about a gym forever and I’ve done my best to convert our office into one with the exercise tools I currently have – 2 sets of free weights, Bosu ball, medicine ball, stability ball, yoga mat, foam roller, kettlebells, and multiple Jillian DVDs. Some people may think that’s great.  Not me.  In my gym I want a stationary bike, treadmill, complete free weight rack (up to 60 pounds), barbell set, weight bench, giant mirror on the wall, and a TV with a DVD hookup.  Not too much to ask for right? The exciting part was that Chris seemed more on board with the idea than usual this morning.  He even suggested we could work out in it together – one of us doing weights and one on the bike.  Then we’d switch.  We’d turn our morning country music videos (CMT and GAC).  Fantastic. Pretty much my dream scenario.

My current at-home "gym"

Anyway, that was the extent of the convo but it got wheels spinning.  I’m going to start doing research on exercise bikes.  Maybe if Chris and my dad went in on a bike together for my bday present (I’ll start with that and build up to the weights and treadmill) this gym dream could become a reality.

Besides just chatting about my in-home gym, I actually had killer workout.  I love working out in the morning before work.  I probably prefer it to mid-day workouts but it’s hard to coordinate both mine and Chris’ schedule to make it happen.  I always try to do weights in the morning to help increase my metabolism and keep it going during the day (FYI cardio increases your metabolism during your workout and for a little while after but weight training will keep your metabolism burning even longer).  Plus I just like lifting weights better and I usually have them to myself in the mornings.

This set, 3 times through;

  • 20 dead lifts (40lb barbell)
  • 10 tricep pushups (on the bench)
  • 10 regular pushups (on the bench)
  • 20 bent over chest flies (5lb dumb bells)
  • 20 Squats (40lb barbell)
  • 20 front/side lateral raises (5lbs)
  • 20 (each side) side bends (20 lbs)

Then I joined up with Chris for some chest action:

  • Incline bench press, 3 sets – 12 reps w/bar, 10 w/bar + 10lb, 8 w/bar + 20lb
  • Bar dips (slight assistance from Chris) – 3 sets of 8
  • 3 sets of chest flies rotating with 3 sets of chest press – reps of 12 with 10lbs

And I ended the whole thing with 25 min on the bike.

The one negative thing about working out before work is that it throws my whole eating routine for a spin.  I got to my desk and had a snack (protein cookie) but by 11:30 (about 3 hours before I normally eat lunch) I was so hungry that I had to dig into my salad.  I’ve got an apple, orange and almonds to get me through the rest of the day so I should be fine.  We’re heading over to a friends house for a mexican dinner/taco night so hopefully I can keep it relatively pulled together but I’m sure I’ll end up with some chips and guac and a pacific (or two).


Oh and in some other very exciting news, my friend grabbed me a Fuel band at SXSW in Austin.  Can’t wait to get it next week and start tracking my Fuel points.  I’ve been dying for one of these.