Reading Books

When I went to bed last night I told myself I would be out the door and on a run by 8 and then I would work in the yard and clean the house.  But when I woke up this morning I decided it would be ok to read one chapter of The Hunger Games.  Except one chapter turned into 4 straight hours of laying in my bed reading.  And when I finally finished book 1 I got out of bed (after buying book 2 and charging my ipad), ate breakfast and made some coffee.  And then it was noon so I put on my bathing suit and headed outside.  To read more.  And that’s pretty much how I spent my entire day until Chris got home from his bachelor party at 3:30.

And at first I felt a little guilty for doing nothing with my day.  I kept thinking maybe I could spin on the bike, or take Chance for a walk but I quickly brushed those thoughts aside.  Sometimes you just need a day to rest, to give your body a break.  And today was my day.  And guess what?  It’s been glorious.  I’ll get back on the workout train tomorrow.  I’ll push myself hard at the gym every day this week but today, I’ve 100% enjoyed not pounding the pavement, not lifting weights, not getting sweaty from anything but the sunshine.

Me and Chance – my “fur” son – spending Mother’s day together.

Oh but I did make sure to take some time out of my busy book-reading day to call my mom.  She lives in Olympia and I wasn’t able to make it up there.  She’s spending the day with her brother and my grandma, working out in the yard.  And even though I told her on the phone, I want to make sure she knows just how much I love her so I’m putting it out here on the internet.   That even though I’m not there with her in person, she still means the world to me.  That I love being her daughter and that I’m so proud to have her as a mom.  I could never have asked for a better person to be my role model.  For a better example on how to be a genuinely good human being.  She’s an amazing lady my mom.  And I love her very, very much :)  Thank you for being my mom and everything you do for me.  I love you!