Things I am jazzed about

Can you tell I’ve been busy at night enjoying our glorious weather that seems to be never-ending?  Instead of trying new recipes, taking pictures or talking about my workouts we’ve been celebrating our anniversary, meeting friends downtown for dinner, going on long walks and eating Chipotle.  Ahhh the life.  And the best part, it looks like the sun is going to stick around at least for another week which is even better because I’ll be able to lay out all day and enjoy it.

“How?”  You ask?

Because this gal is taking a vacation.  Except not really.  I just have tons of time off saved up. So much that if I don’t use it I’ll lose it so I took all of next week off.  Chris and I might go to the beach for a couple of days or we might not.  And on the days he has to go to work and I don’t, I’ll be laying out on the deck.  Soaking up those fleeting summer rays.  Can’t wait.

You know what else I can’t wait for?  The rodeo!  Tomorrow AM we’re heading to Pendleton, OR to catch the finals of the Pendleton Round Up.  We’ve never been to this rodeo and I’m super excited.  As long as I can find a cute dress to wear…that’s my after-work mission.

To match these boots.

But first I have to get through the rest of today.  A couple of meetings, a workout, the Coug game.

And while we’re on the topic of workouts, it has been a pretty good week on that front.  Pilates + cardio Monday and Wednesday, circuit workout + cardio Tuesday, and yesterday I went for a 4 mile run outside.  The best part – my knees didn’t hurt on the run, after it or this morning.

Alright, I feel like this post has been random enough so I better get a move on.  But, I will leave you with one of my favorite photos from Tuesday’s 2 year anniversary photo session (and by photo session I mean me strategically setting the camera on the deck and running back and forth between auto-timed shots).  Chance dog was so excited for me to be in the pic that he full-on licked my face.  That guy.

Hope you all have good weekends.

Technology problems & Strawberry salads

It has taken me all night to download photos off my camera.  I’m annoyed, frustrated and exhausted.  I now have lion on my mac instead of whatever was there before and somehow the Cannon software I’ve always used to import my photos isn’t compatible.  And no matter how much google research I do, I can’t find the link to the software update that Cannon apparently has released.  So I finally figured out how to upload my photos via iphoto but if I want to edit them in Photoshop it’s not easy.  Or I can’t figure it out.  I know a lot of people like iphoto, I do not.  I just want to download my photos onto my pictures folder and open them up in photoshop.  Just like I used to. And I work in a world where this should be easy for me to figure out and that drives me even more crazy.

Anyone else have this issue?  Do you use a Mac with Lion and a Cannon Rebel T3i?  Can you help me?

And because it’s taken me 1 million years to download and edit my photos you will get 3 smaller than normal, nearly identical but slightly different views of the same salad.

Help me.

Take a good look at that salad because it’s probably the last time you’re going to see it.  At least until next summer.  Fall is right around the corner and pretty soon we’ll be trading in dinners on the grill for dinners in the crockpot.

Also, side note, I overheard someone saying that pumpkin spice latte’s are back at Starbucks on Friday.  I can neither confirm or deny this rumor, all I can say is that it feels too soon.  Welcoming Fall before celebrating Labor Day just feels wrong.

Another random story – somehow I got a blackberry seed stuck in my gumline a few days ago and not sure if it’s because I kept picking at it or what but I’m pretty sure I have a gum infection.  My mouth hurts.  I don’t want to have to go to the dentist because I’m not sure what else he could do for me besides give me antibiotics and I’m not a big fan of those so I’ve spent the evening rinsing my mouth with salt water and baking soda.  Hopefully I wake up feeling better tomorrow of I’m going to have to go in.

What else do I have to say to round out this random post…? My workout was all about the cardio today.  I took a 30 minute spin class and then went on a 2 mile walk with a couple of friends.  I also got another 20-30 minute walk in after work with Chance.  Grabbing that vitamin D while I can :)  Tomorrow is pilates and maybe an attempt at running.  I think I may have overdone it this weekend with the 3 Jillian’s in a row.  My knees and IT band have been screaming at me lately.  No good.  Lesson learned.

If you’re still reading, thank you!  I’m all over the board today.  Cross your fingers I’ll be a little more focused (and able to download photos and chew on the right side of my mouth) tomorrow.

Pilates arms

Um, can we just talk about arms for a second? Look at these. I feel like they’re kind of ridiculous. Ps taking pictures of yourself in a bathroom is awkward.

I walked into the bathroom and felt like my arms were super toned. You know, sometimes you get that feeling like after a workout all the blood is flowing to those muscles making them look extra lean? Well, that’s how I felt today. After my 3rd day in a row of pilates. I never go 3 days in a row, always every other day, usually 2 times a week.

Anyway, what I’m saying is that Pilates on the reformer is awesome. And it works. Besides the few Jillian workouts last weeks I haven’t done any arm weights in who knows when. My mom was even talking this weekend about how good they look. And I’m not trying to talk about this to be braggy, I’m talking about this because I think having toned arms is super important. You do not want to be that old lady with the turkey gobble for a tricep. Consider this your public service announcement. Go try a Pilates reformer class. I know they’re expensive but you won’t regret it. I promise.

In other news, my lunch was delicious because I used leftover blackberry chipotle sauce poured over some grilled sweet potatoes and goat cheese (hard boiled eggs for protein). It was much more tasty than this picture makes it seem. Honest.


And then after work I went to acupuncture. One of my favorite things. It has been awesome in helping my tight IT band and all the inflammation in my knees. I swear I could have needles poked in me for hours.

And after that I was suppose to make shrimp tacos but I was tired so I stopped at the Planet. Bubba in a bowl for me, Holy Moly in a burrito for Chris. Each of us saved half for lunch tomorrow as I didn’t eat any chips with it. Gold star.

And I’m out. Off to probably fall asleep in the couch. Me=tired, old lady.

What about you? Has anyone tried acupuncture? Do you love it?

Mid-Week Check-in + the search for Vaporizer

Before we get into this post, can I just say I’m currently watching a show on the Food Network – Best sandwich in America – and they’re in Portland and talking about a roast beef sandwich with bacon, onions, a cheddar béchamel sauce, and like 2 lbs of french fries on it.  Totally gross but I secretly want to try a bite.  

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming. Hopefully the 1st half of your week has treated you well.  Work has been crazy but in a good way.  I’d always pick being super busy over not having enough to do and my wish has definitely been granted.  Because busy days make me plan my workouts more carefully I got up this morning and did 45 minutes of cardio before work. Nothing I did made me feel like I was working up a sweat so I kept moving around – 15 minutes on the rowing machine, 20 minutes on the gazelle/glider thing and 10 minutes on the stairmaster/step mill.

I love the step mill.  It’s probably my favorite form of cardio besides running but it’s horrible for my knees so I don’t do it that much.  Except today when I noticed there were brand new step mill machines.  I felt like I’d died and gone to heaven.  They were so lovely!  So I did 10 minutes and while my knees are a little more sore than normal right now, after 10 minutes on that thing (resistance level 7-10 with no hands on the machine) I was sweating like crazy.

I headed back to the gym at noon for a pilates reformer class and was a little surprised to see it was jumpboard day.  Imagine a regular pilates reformer class on steriods.  I’m usually pretty tough but there was one point where we were laying on our sides jumping on one leg where I thought I might break.  Made it though :)

For dinner I was going to make shrimp tacos but it was so nice out we called an audible and headed down to Northwest where we stopped in at Pepino’s and I had one of my favorite burritos – sweet tequila with shrimp.  Not entirely sure what’s in it – black beans, cheese, rice, shrimp and a sweet sauce of some sort.  So good.

And then we wandered down the street in search of some Vaporizer (Chris’ favorite beer) on draft and we found some at 23Hoyt (a new to us restaurant.

We made sure to #hydrateinjuly

I ordered a glass of Pinot Gris.

And Chris of course had the elusive Vaporizer.

After that we headed down to 21st to meet some friends at North 45 and then we realized we’re old.  Even though some of our “our-age” friends were there I felt like the rest of the place was full of young, single kids.  No thanks.  Been there/done that.  Give me my Village or better yet, my house which is where we hightailed it to after about 5 minutes in the crowded bar.

What can I say?  I like being a domesticated married lady.

And now I’m off to ice my knees and sweat in our non-air conditioned house.  Tomorrow is another crazy day so I’m going to try to get up at 5 for some quality time with the spin bike.

Hope you all have good Thursdays…just think, you’re only 1 day away from Friday :)

Question for your – do you have a favorite beer/wine/drink that you seek out?  We’re always on the hunt for good beers for Chris and good Margaritas for me. 


2 dinner ideas + a must do treadmill workout

I have so many things to tell you right now and I don’t know where to start. So much has been going on in the past few days. Ok, well, not really. Pretty much the same actually. Work, workouts, dinner… but those normal, ordinary things have be pretty good. Starting with this dinner.

The recipe is pinned to my pinterest board and comes courtesy of Courtney at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life. Basically you make Annie’s shells & white cheddar and add sausage, spinach and tomatoes except we didn’t have tomatoes we had red peppers so that’s what we did.

Which I loved! But Chris did not. Seriously. This dinner was one of my faves as of late. It was so good and so easy. I think I could eat this every week but Chris was just not a fan and that’s a major bummer. I tried asking him how I could change it to make it better and more or less it came down to the fact that he didn’t like the sausage (which was my fave part). So that won’t work. This might just have to be a dinner I make when I’m having single ladies night.

What about you? Are there any meals that you love that your husband/sig other doesn’t? How do you get around it? 2 dinners? Meal modifications?

But lets move on to dinner number 2. Chris was downtown at a work dinner so I was on my own and came up with what I may call my most random dinner ever, or maybe fridge dump dinner? The directions are pretty simple…find random things in your fridge that are going to go bad if you don’t eat them and mix them together.

Quinoa, sausage and green veggies

  • 1 cup cooked quinoa
  • 1 Italian chicken sausage
  • handful green beans
  • 1/4 cup peas
  • red pepper flakes
  • garlic
  • goat cheese

Combine everything but the quinoa and goat cheese on the stove over medium heat. Once cooked, add to quinoa. Top with goat cheese. Eat. Enjoy. Yum.

And now for the workout…

Today I did my normal 12:15 pilates reformer class and followed it up with some cardio courtesy of Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers. Julie is always posting crazy treadmill workouts but today’s was particularly nutty/awesome. At one point I was running at a 15 incline. 15 incline! I’m pretty sure people were starting at me at the gym thinking “whoa, crazy girl.” But it was great. And I got super sweaty and now my legs are crazy sore.

Here’s the workout:


And here’s what I looked like after it:

Let me know if you try it. I dare you to :)

And what did I do to celebrate this great day of working out and eating well? I went to Journey’s of course. And had some delicious Deschutes Twilight. Can’t beat it on a sunny day.

And that’s mostly what I’ve got. Tomorrow is dinner club. We’re doing taco bar and I can’t wait. I’m also going to try and get up early and ride the spin bike.

We shall see…

Horrible Shoes

If my feet could talk they would be screaming obscenities at me for what I just put them through.  A 30 minute round-trip walk of pain.  I was walking back from a meeting and just about the time I took this picture I was seriously considering taking them off and walking the rest of the way back to my office barefoot.  But it’s hot out and the pavement would have burned my feet (not to mention my co-workers would wonder what I was up to) and I figured blisters would be better than burns?  I might be regretting that decision tomorrow. Who knows.

I’ve had these shoes for at least 5 years and have never experienced anything like this before with them.  In fact, they’re some of my go-tos for comfort so I’m not quite sure what happened.  I guess they will now be relegated to the back of my closet, only to come out to play on days when I’ll be sitting at my desk for long periods of time.  Sad.

They did manage to get me through my walk to the gym where I changed into sneakers and did a pilates reformer class (my abs were on FIRE!) and 25 minutes of intervals on the elliptical.  Note, we had a mini photo shoot session in class today to accompany an awesome guest post I have coming your way all about pilates.  Hopefully I’m building up some good anticipation.  Seriously.  Get excited.

They also got me through a walk to the coffee cart where I got this:

Grande iced Americano with a splash of rice milk

and this:

I love coconut

Luckily the day is almost over and I will definitely not be wearing them when I walk Chance dog tonight or when we’re eating leftover BBQ Chicken Quinoa salad for dinner.   Cardio tomorrow is going to be rough and band-aids for my blisters are definitely in my future.  Stupid shoes.

Do you guys have shoes that look cute but kill your feet?  Any good flat brands you’d recommend? Clearly I’m in the market.


Do not try this at home

This morning I woke up and wanted protein pancakes which I’ve made many, many times.  Except I make them with cottage cheese and we don’t have any cottage cheese.  So I proceeded to make up a random recipe.  Um yeah, don’t try these.  Unless you like a weird, mushy-filled, good-smelling pancake.

Don’t try at home protein pancakes:
Makes 4-5

  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 6 egg whites
  • 1 cup oats
  • 4 tablespoons almond milk
  • dash of cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon coconut flour (pretty sure this is the culprit for the grossness.  Every time I use coconut flour whatever I’m making is not good.  You think I would learn my lesson by now right?)
  • 2 tablespoons water

But they just smelled so good so I ate them anyway with peanut butter (courtesy of my foodie penpal),  and honey. Side note – Right now Luke Bryan is on TV singing “Drunk on you” and one of the lines is about a drip of honey.

PS if you want good protein pancake recipes, I’d head over to Peanut Butter Fingers and check out Julie’s recipes.  They look amazing.

I completed my breakfast with a mug of coffee + almond milk and a blueberry smoothie sans protein powder.  I feel good that I no longer have any fake food in there but I’ll warn you that these take some getting use to.  Little sour since it’s non-fat, plain greek yogurt.  I put some honey and cinnamon in there this morning and it was much better than earlier versions.

Blueberry Smoothie:
Makes 2 16 oz glasses

  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 2 cups spinach (today was a mix of spinach and kale)
  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2 cup organic non-fat milk
  • 1 tablespoon ground flax seed
  • 1 & 1/2 cups non-fat, plain greek yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • dash of cinnamon

As it’s currently 10:40 I need to start pulling myself together.  I’m thinking a 3.5 mile run (although my knee is feeling a little iffy) or 45 min on the spin bike.  We have a wedding to go to at 2:30 so I don’t have a whole lot of time to be lazy today.

Last night we grabbed drinks (I only had 1 glass of wine – go me) with some friends who are in town for the wedding from the Netherlands.  It was great to catch up with them and I’m excited we get to spend more time with them tonight.

And before that we had dinner:

Strawberry salad

And chicken penne pasta (minus kale)

Yesterday’s workout was a good one – a pilates reformer class plus 15 min on the elliptical (alternating between leaves 7 and 10) and 15 min on the treadmill at an 8:30 pace…so a little over 1.5 miles.  I’m going to try and get back into more of a 3 day a week pilates routine.  I’d been pretty consistent before my physical therapist told me to quit and in the time I took off I definitely noticed a change in my body.  Pilates really helps to keep my muscles long and lean and since I wasn’t doing that, instead doing more weights, I felt like I was getting a little too bulky.  Especially my arms.  So for the next couple weeks I’m going to try a pure pilates reformer/cardio mix and see what happens.  I’ll keep you posted.

Wow, I feel like I’ve written a novel and I still have one more thing to get though.  I wanted to let you know about this challenge that Powercakes is doing.  For the month of June, she’s challenging you to focus on clean eating, with a new meal/food to try each day.  Yesterday was “eat a rainbow” which actually was harder than I thought.  Today is to eat something red so I’m thinking yogurt and berries will be in my future later.  Let me know if you guys are up for trying it.  I’ll post what I eat on here for ideas but I think it’s a pretty cool concept.

Eat a rainbow

And I’m out. Finally.  Hope you all have good weekends.