My Wedding

Well I can’t call out that I like cowboy boots and being married without talking about the day that brought them both together – the best day of my life, also known as my wedding day, also known as the day I married my best friend.

Here’s the cliff notes version of our relationship.  Chris and I met at work.  He joined my team after moving back from Miami.  We had been friends for about a year when were were all out at a bar and another guy asked me out.  Chris told me that I couldn’t go out with that guy because I had to go out with him – swoon.  My last first date was to a Rascal Flatts concert and after a year and a half of amazing adventure and lots of country music, he proposed (in the place where we first met – a la Brad Paisley’s “Then”) and one year and one day later we got married in a 100 year old barn in the small coastal town where he grew up and I spent holidays and summers vacationing with my family.

We got married on September 11, 2010.  For some that may have been a weird day but for us it was perfect.  The only day the Beavers didn’t have a football game, and it was my sister’s bday.  Payton was born on THE 9/11 so it’s always been a day to celebrate in our family.  It had been crummy weather the week leading up to the wedding but on that Saturday, we had bright blue skies and one big huge sunshine.  I still remember saying my vows with the sun shinning on my back and actually being hot.  At the beach.

The whole wedding was a big, country affair.  Chris and I both separately loved country music before meeting each other so it was only natural that our mutual love played into the big day. Everyone wore cowboy boots including our pastor.  We had a country band, I walked down the aisle to George Strait’s “I cross my heart” and our 1st dance was to Brad Paisley’s “Then.”  Everyone drank their beer and wine out of mason jars and all the tables were labeled after country artists we’d seen together.

I planned and organized the entire wedding and Chris and I paid for nearly all of it ourselves.  I even endured a little teasing because I created this master weekend schedule complete with a variety of seating “scenarios” in case of inclement weather (pretty funny when my dad called me out in his speech).  We also made sure everything at the wedding included things we loved which meant serving pizza (our favorite food) for dinner.  It was amazing.  And delicious.  Totally us.

It was just the most amazing day you could ever ask for.  I got to make my lifetime commitment to my best friend in front of all of my favorite people.   I still remember sitting on the barn porch with Chris and the end of the night, looking up at the stars and looking around at all the amazing people in our lives and just feeling so incredibly happy that this life happened to me.

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4 thoughts on “My Wedding

    • Congratulations on your wedding! When’s the date? This is such a fun time you’re going through now. Wedding planning (at least for me) was so fun. And it’s so awesome that you already found your dress.

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