Beach Weekend

We headed down to the beach this weekend to drop Chance off with his grandparents.  So happy that he gets to stay with them instead of a kennel when we’re in Maui.  While we were at the beach we were lucky to experience some amazing weather.  It was in the mid 50’s and sunny.  One of those rare, amazing days at the beach where you just feel so happy to live in the Pacific Northwest.  I’d already gone to the gym earlier in the morning and done some cardio but we decided to go on a walk along the Promenade and I’m so glad we did.  Not only did we get a little more cardio but the weather and good company seriously made me so happy.  After the prom walk we grabbed some beer and snacks (I had delicious clam chowder) and then headed back to the house for a bit.  Karen (mother in law) was going to make salmon but it was getting late and so we decided just to head down to Pacific Way for pizza.  Yum!  Pretty sure I couldn’t ask for much more in my perfect day.

So pretty

My family

Picture perfect

Pepperoni & pepperchini's for Chris, thai chicken basil for the rest of us

How cute is this guy?


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